Quotes of recreation

  1. Dams have harmed our wildlife and made rivers less useful for recreation – Stephen Ambrose
  2. I've also been working with the Challengers Club in the inner city of Los Angeles for 15 years now, I guess, and it's essentially an inner -city recreation club for boys and girls. – Richard Dean Anderson
  3. If bread is the first necessity of life, recreation is a close second. – Edward Bellamy
  4. The outdoors, the beautiful environment, both in fresh and salt water. And the thing that concerns me is the amount of kids that stand on street corners, or go into pinball parlours, and call it recreation – Rex Hunt
  5. Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning. – Thomas Jefferson
  6. Finally, the ecological health of the Mississippi River and its economic importance to the many people that make their living or seek their recreation is based on a healthy river system. – Ron Kind
  7. Drugs shouldn't be used for recreation although they can be, but ultimately the point of psychedelics is to put you in touch with the powers of the universe. – Ray Manzarek
  8. And what is needed to prevent them from joining gangs was ample recreation for boys as well as girls, jobs and internships for training and money, and assistance to allow their families to live in decent homes. – Bobby Scott
  9. The solution is to first create an integrated economic development and recreation plan that addresses the needs of the people who live and recreate in central Idaho. – Michael K. Simpson
  10. I'm excited and encouraged to see people getting involved with their public lands and forests. We really need the public's help to repair these heavily used recreation sites. – Robert Towne
  11. People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness. – John Wanamaker
  12. Photography to the amateur is recreation to the professional it is work, and hard work too, no matter how pleasurable it my be. – Edward Weston

Usage examples for recreation

  1. Well, then, if he produces in three or four hours a value equal to the value of his labor- power or wages, why doesn't he stop work then, and take his coat and hat and go home and devote the rest of the day to study, reading, games, recreation and amusement? – Socialism: Positive and Negative by Robert Rives La Monte
  2. There were possibilities of recreation here, though they were somewhat of a low order. – Dr. Jolliffe's Boys by Lewis Hough
  3. Unless each one of us gives the proper share of her time to wholesome forms of recreation she cannot be cheerful and happy, and thus she cannot influence those around her toward greater happiness. – How Girls Can Help Their Country by Juliette Low Agnes Baden-Powell Robert Baden-Powell
  4. You wait until you see Recreation Hall. – Angel Island by Inez Haynes Gillmore
  5. Moore left his desk, and permitted himself the recreation of one or two turns through the room. – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë
  6. Here we continued several days, the natives occupied exclusively with gambling, which was alike their daily labor and recreation – The Captive in Patagonia by Benjamin Franklin Bourne
  7. I thought, young ladies, that afternoon recreation was to be spent out of doors? – Just Patty by Jean Webster
  8. Every man in The Hollow had his own particular chair or box when the circle, known as the County Club, formed for recreation or business. – A Son of the Hills by Harriet T. Comstock
  9. It is a great advantage to all young men to have the opportunity of enjoying healthy and useful recreation – Speeches and Addresses of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales: 1863-1888 by Edward VII
  10. Accordingly the fellows looked about for some new form of recreation – Over the Line by Harold M. Sherman
  11. She seemed to think that when she gave her nights on her knees for her family, she was entitled to use the remaining waking hours for recreation – Calvary Alley by Alice Hegan Rice
  12. His size, his good looks, and his graceful skating, attracted the attention of the older girls who sought the Milton Pond for recreation – The Corner House Girls at School by Grace Brooks Hill
  13. I have no doubt it was a great recreation to him. – Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War by G. F. R. Henderson
  14. When it sounded she was allowed to go out for a walk, the usual discipline of the school having been relaxed in her favor, to admit of her taking her recreation in Sylv's company. – True and Other Stories by George Parsons Lathrop
  15. Afterwards he lived at various places in the East of England, continuing his studies, with yachting for his chief recreation – A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin
  16. His recreation was music, and he occasionally composed. – The Crown of Life by George Gissing
  17. All his hours of recreation were passed in shops and in drawing. – Inventors by Philip Gengembre Hubert
  18. The younger girls should use the whole afternoon for play and recreation – How Girls Can Help Their Country by Juliette Low Agnes Baden-Powell Robert Baden-Powell
  19. Mrs Stanhope apparently viewed the occupation with equanimity, save when it became the recreation of Royalty. – The Letter-Bag of Lady Elizabeth Spencer-Stanhope v. I. by A. M. W. Stirling (compiler)
  20. Generally he spends from three to four hours at the writing- desk and devotes the rest of the day to recreation – Methods of Authors by Hugo Erichsen

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