Usage examples for reconvene

  1. Reynolds and other State officials had abandoned the State Capital to engage in active rebellion against the United States, the State Convention, which had been called to carry the State out of the Union, but which had so signally disappointed the expectations of its originators, should reconvene declare the State offices vacant, and instate a loyal Government A strong party desired that a Military Governor should be appointed, and urged Col. – The Struggle for Missouri by John McElroy
  2. It is manifest that the purpose of this immediate action was two- fold- not only to restore Louisiana to the Union at the earliest practicable day- but also to so far establish a process of general restoration before Congress should reconvene at the coming December session, that there would be no sufficient occasion or excuse for interfering with his work by the application of the exasperating conditions that had been foreshadowed by that body. – History-of-the-Impeachment-of-Andrew-Johnson-President-of-the-United-States-by-the-House-of-Representatives-and-his-trial-by-the-Senate-for-high-crimes-and-misdemeanors-in-office-1868 by Ross, Edmund G. (Edmund Gibson)
  3. We have selected you in perfect good faith, with the expectation that you would allow your name to be thus used; or, if not, you would have declined in ample time to enable us to reconvene and select someone else. – The Facts of Reconstruction by John R. Lynch
  4. Basine adjourned the session to reconvene at 3 o'clock. – Gargoyles by Ben Hecht