Quotes of Rated

  1. The dogma of woman's complete historical subjection to men must be rated as one of the most fantastic myths ever created by the human mind. – Mary Ritter Beard
  2. Moveon is not a one -way broadcast media. The Internet, when used best, is a two -way media. We have a forum in which people can post comments and those comments can be rated We get a sense of what people feel most passionately about. – Joan Blades
  3. It's definitely the highest rated pre -school show on Cable. It's difficult to mix markets that way in terms of ratings. It's hard to tell, you know, where channel 12, or Public Television, is. – Steve Burns
  4. I'm not against ratings per se. I think more information is always good. But I certainly don't think the government has to step in and set guidelines for how shows should be rated – Drew Carey
  5. Minor league umpires are evaluated in their respective leagues each year and rated numerically. This enables umpires to know where they stand and helps them make prudent career decisions. – Jim Evans
  6. The overwhelming majority of my rated wealth consists of investments in companies that produce goods and services. – Paul Getty
  7. I can say whatever I want. So do not bring the kids. It's definitely rated R. – Kathy Griffin
  8. In order to be rated as good as a good man in the field of her earnings, she must show herself better than he. She must be more steady, or more trustworthy, or more skilled, or more cheap in order to have the same chance of employment. – Florence Kelley
  9. Newspaper men, perhaps more than any other class, are rated by ability. – Franklin Knight Lane
  10. There were 84 original episodes. It was rated No. 1 and No. 2 on the Fox Children's Network. We figured it was time to make it available to people who have never watched it. – Howie Mandel
  11. My beloved Mom and Pop always rated tops with each other, and that's the way it will always be. – Ethel Merman

Usage examples for Rated

  1. His tones were so confident, and his laugh so buoyant, that Mr. Heard, who had been fully expecting him to withdraw from the affair, began to feel that he had under- rated his swimming powers. – Short Cruises by W.W. Jacobs
  2. And as his face fell, then hardened into brightness, instantly she divined how he rated her, and in a flash realized her weapons and her security, and that the control of the situation was hers, not in the control of this irresolute young man who stood so silently considering her. – The Fighting Chance by Robert W. Chambers
  3. The hundredth penny could not be rated lower than five millions. – The Rise of the Dutch Republic, Volume II.(of III) 1566-74 by John Lothrop Motley Last Updated: January 25, 2009
  4. Though rated as a six- gun brig she carried only two carronades, and a third long heavy gun amidships, which they agreed, under some circumstances, would be of more avail than the four short guns it had replaced. – The Three Lieutenants by W.H.G. Kingston
  5. The penalty seems to have been rated in some instances as low as a fine of five shillings, and to have amounted in others to the punishment of death. – A Cursory History of Swearing by Julian Sharman
  6. Nevertheless, he disliked to be rated below the average of his companions, and, therefore, he was careful not to fall beneath a certain rather moderate standard of excellence. – William Hickling Prescott by Harry Thurston Peck
  7. " I have heard much of the torments of love," said Lady Emily; " but I never heard it rated as a luxury before. – Marriage by Susan Edmonstone Ferrier
  8. The entire district is not however given up to this " racket," but contains some fine shops, comfortable dwellings, and two excellent hotels, as Russian hotels are rated – Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia by Maturin M. Ballou
  9. The sum is sufficient for my wants, and I rated its value according as it is taxed. – Old Fritz and the New Era by Louise Muhlbach
  10. Vice and Virtue i Virtue is something which it would be impossible to over- rate if it had not been over- rated – The Note-Books of Samuel Butler by Samuel Butler
  11. It was a much over- rated weapon, and was only effective in the hands of highly trained men. – The Story of the "9th King's" in France by Enos Herbert Glynne Roberts
  12. This furnace while not as efficient as the standard of to- day, and expensive in its construction, did, nevertheless, burn the bagasse green and enabled the boilers to develop their normal rated capacity. – Steam, Its Generation and Use by Babcock & Wilcox Co.
  13. As for the Prussian resistance, Napoleon rated it almost as lightly as that of the English; for he regards it as probable that he will in the evening march on Brussels with his Guard. – The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2) by John Holland Rose
  14. This was an over- rated weapon. – The Story of the "9th King's" in France by Enos Herbert Glynne Roberts
  15. It was necessary that I should ship before the mast, he explained, in order to avoid provoking the jealousy of the crew; but they both promised me that I should be rated as an officer as soon as a fair excuse offered itself for my promotion. – Athelstane Ford by Allen Upward
  16. He looked at me sheepishly, finding himself caught; and I stopped, and rated him soundly, and saw him start for home before I went to my quarters. – The Red Cockade by Stanley J. Weyman
  17. At the beginning of September Keats wrote to Brown-" The sale of my book is very slow, though it has been very highly rated – Life of John Keats by William Michael Rossetti
  18. The value of truth in religion is rated higher in India than in Europe but it is not historical truth. – Hinduism and Buddhism, Vol I. (of 3) An Historical Sketch by Charles Eliot
  19. He was a big boy, whom my boy remotely heard of, but never saw, for he lived in another part of the town; but his adventure was known to all the boys, and his heroism rated high among them. – A Boy's Town by W. D. Howells
  20. The proper way to determine how well and strong I am is to have my health and strength tested and rated in an expert way. – Heart and Soul by Victor Mapes (AKA Maveric Post)