Definitions of rap

  1. the act of hitting vigorously; " he gave the table a whack"
  2. strike sharply; " rap him on the knuckles"
  3. make light, repeated taps on a surface; " he was tapping his fingers on the table impatiently"
  4. the sound made by a gentle blow
  5. genre of African- American music of the 1980s and 1990s in which rhyming lyrics are chanted to a musical accompaniment; several forms of rap have emerged
  6. ( informal) voluble conversation
  7. talk volubly
  8. perform rap music
  9. voluble conversation
  10. A lay or skein containing 120 yards of yarn.
  11. To strike with a quick, sharp blow; to knock; as, to rap on the door.
  12. To free ( a pattern) in a mold by light blows on the pattern, so as to facilitate its removal.
  13. A quick, smart blow; a knock.
  14. To snatch away; to seize and hurry off.
  15. To hasten.
  16. To seize and bear away, as the mind or thoughts; to transport out of one's self; to affect with ecstasy or rapture; as, rapt into admiration.
  17. To exchange; to truck.
  18. A popular name for any of the tokens that passed current for a half- penny in Ireland in the early part of the eighteenth century; any coin of trifling value.
  19. A quick, sharp blow.
  20. To strike a quick, sharp blow; knock.
  21. To strike sharply; to utter sharply; as, she rapped out the words.
  22. Rapped.
  23. Rapping.
  24. A sharp blow: a knock.
  25. To strike with a quick blow: to knock:- pr. p. rapping:- pa. t. and pa. p. rapped.
  26. To seize and carry off: to transport out of one's self: to affect with rapture:- pr. p. rapping; pa. p. rapped or rapt.
  27. To swear, esp. to swear falsely. " It was his constant maxim that he was a pitiful fellow who would stick at a little rapping for his friend."- Fielding.
  28. To strike with a quick sharp blow.
  29. To strike sharply and quickly.
  30. A sharp blow or its sound.
  31. A quick, smart blow.
  32. To transport out of one's self; to snatch or hurry away; to seize by violence.
  33. To strike with a quick, sharp blow; to knock.
  34. To strike with a quick blow; to knock on.
  35. A quick sharp blow; the noise caused by a blow; a knock.
  36. To seize and bear away, as one's mind or thoughts; to raise to ecstasy or rapture; to snatch by sudden violence.
  37. Familiarly, the smallest coin; a halfpenny; money in general, as, I haven't a rap, I don't care a rap.

Usage examples for rap

  1. It's rap, rap, rap, for twenty minutes at the door, and in they come, one arter the other, as fast as the sarvants can carry up their names. – The Attache or, Sam Slick in England, Complete by Thomas Chandler Haliburton
  2. But he doesn't care a rap for scenery. – Harley Greenoak's Charge by Bertram Mitford
  3. I don't give a rap for music; I hate it, but I like the young men here in Balak, no, not the citizens. – Melomaniacs by James Huneker
  4. I don't believe, she said, he ever cared about me a rap. – The Wisdom of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton
  5. Elsie's gentle rap was heard very early at her papa's door the next morning. – Elsie Dinsmore by Martha Finley
  6. There was a little silence and then a quick rap. – Darrel of the Blessed Isles by Irving Bacheller
  7. And if he's free to do it he'll answer- though I think I'd break down and cry with joy did I hear an answerin' rap. – The Finding of Haldgren by Charles Willard Diffin
  8. I rap him up in de paper and stuff piece of it in he mouff- dat was de way." – Selections From Poe by J. Montgomery Gambrill
  9. There was a rap with the hammer. – The Red Room by August Strindberg
  10. I don't care a rap for Harriet Warren or anyone but you. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1896 to 1901 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  11. A rap sounded on the door. – Interference and Other Football Stories by Harold M. Sherman
  12. Dinner was barely cleared away when a rap sent Moses to the door. – Polly of the Hospital Staff by Emma C. Dowd
  13. He had not a rap of money in the world; yet he rode a horse, lived high, expended largely. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  14. " No; not a rap. – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope
  15. Seeing a light at a house near by, I ventured to rap on the door. – Life in the Grey Nunnery at Montreal by Sarah J Richardson
  16. It was clear that Providence cared " not a rap," whether he won or lost- was good or bad. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  17. I don't care a rap about your nose. – Molly Brown's Sophomore Days by Nell Speed
  18. About the same time, he began listening to a lot of rap music. – Underground by Suelette Dreyfus