Definitions of raise

  1. To cause to rise; to bring from a lower to a higher place; to lift upward; to elevate; to heave; as, to raise a stone or weight.
  2. To increase the strength, vigor, or vehemence of; to excite; to intensify; to invigorate; to heighten; as, to raise the pulse; to raise the voice; to raise the spirits or the courage; to raise the heat of a furnace.
  3. To elevate in degree according to some scale; as, to raise the pitch of the voice; to raise the temperature of a room.
  4. To cause to rise up, or assume an erect position or posture; to set up; to make upright; as, to raise a mast or flagstaff.
  5. To cause to spring up from a recumbent position, from a state of quiet, or the like; to awaken; to arouse.
  6. To rouse to action; to stir up; to incite to tumult, struggle, or war; to excite.
  7. To cause to arise, grow up, or come into being or to appear; to give rise to; to originate, produce, cause, effect, or the like.
  8. To form by the accumulation of materials or constituent parts; to build up; to erect; as, to raise a lofty structure, a wall, a heap of stones.
  9. To bring together; to collect; to levy; to get together or obtain for use or service; as, to raise money, troops, and the like.
  10. To cause to grow; to procure to be produced, bred, or propagated; to grow; as, to raise corn, barley, hops, etc.; toraise cattle.
  11. To give rise to; to set agoing; to occasion; to start; to originate; as, to raise a smile or a blush.
  12. To give vent or utterance to; to utter; to strike up.
  13. To bring to notice; to submit for consideration; as, to raise a point of order; to raise an objection.
  14. To cause to rise, as by the effect of leaven; to make light and spongy, as bread.
  15. To cause ( the land or any other object) to seem higher by drawing nearer to it; as, to raise Sandy Hook light.
  16. To create or constitute; as, to raise a use, that is, to create it.
  17. To bring into being; to produce; to cause to arise, come forth, or appear; - often with up.
  18. To let go; as in the command, tacks and sheets, i. e., Let go tacks and sheets.
  19. To cause to rise; lift up; elevate; produce; as, to raise wheat; to stir up; arouse; increase; as, to raise prices; construct; collect, as money; cause to appear; as, to raise a ghost; cause to swell; as, to raise a blister; to put an end to; as, to raise a siege; bring to notice.
  20. To cause to rise: to lift up: to set upright: to originate or produce: to bring together: to cause to grow or breed: to produce: to give rise to: to exalt: to increase the strength of: to excite: to recall from death: to cause to swell, as dough.
  21. To lift; erect; produce; breed; excite; collect.
  22. To bring to an end, as a siege.
  23. call forth; of emotions, feelings, and responses; " arouse pity"; " raise a smile"; " evoke sympathy"
  24. bring up; " raise a family"; " bring up children"
  25. put forward for consideration or discussion; " raise the question of promotions"; " bring up an unpleasant topic"
  26. raise from a lower to a higher position; " Raise your hands"; " Lift a load"
  27. give a promotion to or assign to a higher position; " John was kicked upstairs when a replacement was hired"; " Women tend not to advance in the major law firms"; " I got promoted after many years of hard work"
  28. increase; " This will enhance your enjoyment"; " heighten the tension"
  29. construct, build, or erect; " Raise a barn"
  30. bring ( a surface, a design, etc.) into relief and cause to project; " raised edges"
  31. raise the level or amount of something; " raise my salary"; " raise the price of bread"
  32. put an end to, as of a siege or a blockade; " lift a ban"; " raise a siege"
  33. invigorate or heighten; " lift my spirits"; " lift his ego"
  34. establish radio communications with; " They managed to raise Hanoi last night"
  35. To cause to rise; to lift; to set upright; to erect; to build; to exalt; to produce; to increase; to excite; to stir up; to bring into being; to bring into life; to call up; to originate; to collect; to levy; to cause to grow; to cause to swell. To raise a siege, to remove a besieging army, and abandon the attempt.
  36. To cause to rise; to elevate from high to low; to lift up; to elevate; to erect or build; to set up; to utter loudly; to advance or prefer; to increase, as the price; to arouse or stir up; to call into view from the state of spirits; to bring from death to life; to collect or obtain, as a sum of money; to occasion or begin; to ordain or appoint; to assemble or levy; to make porous; to leaven; to procure; to propagate.
  37. increasing the size of a bet ( as in poker); " I'll see your raise and double it"
  38. an upward slope or grade ( as in a road); " the car couldn't make it up the rise"
  39. put an end to; " lift a ban"; " raise a siege"
  40. multiply ( a number) by itself a specified number of times: 8 is 2 raised to the power 3
  41. activate or stir up; " raise a mutiny"
  42. cause to be heard or known; express or utter; " raise a shout"; " raise a protest"; " raise a sad cry"
  43. pronounce ( vowels) by bringing the tongue closer to the roof of the mouth; " raise your ` o'"
  44. cause to assemble or enlist in the military; " raise an army"; " recruit new soldiers"
  45. bet more than the previous player
  46. in bridge: bid ( one's partner's suit) at a higher level
  47. create a disturbance, especially by making a great noise; " raise hell"; " raise the roof"; " raise Cain"
  48. move upwards; " lift one's eyes"
  49. cause to puff up with a leaven; " unleavened bread"
  50. collect funds for a specific purpose; " The President raised several million dollars for his college"
  51. To bring to a higher condition or situation; to elevate in rank, dignity, and the like; to increase the value or estimation of; to promote; to exalt; to advance; to enhance; as, to raise from a low estate; to raise to office; to raise the price, and the like.
  52. To let go; as in the command, Raise tacks and sheets, i. e., Let go tacks and sheets.
  53. Raiser, raising.