Definitions of raise

  1. an upward slope or grade ( as in a road); " the car couldn't make the grade"
  2. call forth; of emotions, feelings, and responses; " arouse pity"; " raise a smile"; " evoke sympathy"
  3. evoke or call forth, with or as if by magic; " raise the specter of unemployment"; " he conjured wild birds in the air"; " stir a disturbance"; " call down the spirits from the mountain"
  4. bring up; " raise a family"; " bring up children"
  5. put forward for consideration or discussion; " raise the question of promotions"; " bring up an unpleasant topic"
  6. raise from a lower to a higher position; " Raise your hands"; " Lift a load"
  7. give a promotion to or assign to a higher position; " John was kicked upstairs when a replacement was hired"; " Women tend not to advance in the major law firms"; " I got promoted after many years of hard work"
  8. raise in rank or condition; " The new law lifted many people from poverty"
  9. increase; " This will enhance your enjoyment"; " heighten the tension"
  10. construct, build, or erect; " Raise a barn"
  11. the act of raising something; " he responded with a lift of his eyebrow"; " fireman learn several different raises for getting ladders up"
  12. the amount a salary is increased; " he got a 3% raise"; " he got a wage hike"
  13. increasing the size of a bet ( as in poker); " I'll see your raise and double it"
  14. bring ( a surface, a design, etc.) into relief and cause to project; " raised edges"
  15. raise the level or amount of something; " raise my salary"; " raise the price of bread"
  16. put an end to, as of a siege or a blockade; " lift a ban"; " raise a siege"
  17. invigorate or heighten; " lift my spirits"; " lift his ego"
  18. establish radio communications with; " They managed to raise Hanoi last night"
  19. an upward slope or grade ( as in a road); " the car couldn't make it up the rise"
  20. cause to become alive again; " raise from the dead"; " Slavery is already dead, and cannot be resurrected"; " Upraising ghosts"
  21. put an end to; " lift a ban"; " raise a siege"
  22. multiply ( a number) by itself a specified number of times: 8 is 2 raised to the power 3
  23. activate or stir up; " raise a mutiny"
  24. cause to be heard or known; express or utter; " raise a shout"; " raise a protest"; " raise a sad cry"
  25. pronounce ( vowels) by bringing the tongue closer to the roof of the mouth; " raise your ` o'"
  26. cause to assemble or enlist in the military; " raise an army"; " recruit new soldiers"
  27. bet more than the previous player
  28. in bridge: bid ( one's partner's suit) at a higher level
  29. cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques; " The Bordeaux region produces great red wines"; " They produce good ham in Parma"; " We grow wheat here"; " We raise hogs here"
  30. create a disturbance, especially by making a great noise; " raise hell"; " raise the roof"; " raise Cain"
  31. move upwards; " lift one's eyes"
  32. cause to puff up with a leaven; " unleavened bread"
  33. collect funds for a specific purpose; " The President raised several million dollars for his college"
  34. To cause to rise; to bring from a lower to a higher place; to lift upward; to elevate; to heave; as, to raise a stone or weight.
  35. To bring to a higher condition or situation; to elevate in rank, dignity, and the like; to increase the value or estimation of; to promote; to exalt; to advance; to enhance; as, to raise from a low estate; to raise to office; to raise the price, and the like.
  36. To increase the strength, vigor, or vehemence of; to excite; to intensify; to invigorate; to heighten; as, to raise the pulse; to raise the voice; to raise the spirits or the courage; to raise the heat of a furnace.
  37. To elevate in degree according to some scale; as, to raise the pitch of the voice; to raise the temperature of a room.
  38. To cause to rise up, or assume an erect position or posture; to set up; to make upright; as, to raise a mast or flagstaff.
  39. To cause to spring up from a recumbent position, from a state of quiet, or the like; to awaken; to arouse.
  40. To rouse to action; to stir up; to incite to tumult, struggle, or war; to excite.
  41. To bring up from the lower world; to call up, as a spirit from the world of spirits; to recall from death; to give life to.
  42. To cause to arise, grow up, or come into being or to appear; to give rise to; to originate, produce, cause, effect, or the like.
  43. To form by the accumulation of materials or constituent parts; to build up; to erect; as, to raise a lofty structure, a wall, a heap of stones.
  44. To bring together; to collect; to levy; to get together or obtain for use or service; as, to raise money, troops, and the like.
  45. To cause to grow; to procure to be produced, bred, or propagated; to grow; as, to raise corn, barley, hops, etc.; toraise cattle.
  46. To give rise to; to set agoing; to occasion; to start; to originate; as, to raise a smile or a blush.
  47. To give vent or utterance to; to utter; to strike up.
  48. To bring to notice; to submit for consideration; as, to raise a point of order; to raise an objection.
  49. To cause to rise, as by the effect of leaven; to make light and spongy, as bread.
  50. To cause ( the land or any other object) to seem higher by drawing nearer to it; as, to raise Sandy Hook light.
  51. To let go; as in the command, Raise tacks and sheets, i. e., Let go tacks and sheets.
  52. To create or constitute; as, to raise a use, that is, to create it.
  53. To bring into being; to produce; to cause to arise, come forth, or appear; - often with up.
  54. To let go; as in the command, tacks and sheets, i. e., Let go tacks and sheets.
  55. To cause to rise; lift up; elevate; produce; as, to raise wheat; to stir up; arouse; increase; as, to raise prices; construct; collect, as money; cause to appear; as, to raise a ghost; cause to swell; as, to raise a blister; to put an end to; as, to raise a siege; bring to notice.
  56. Raiser, raising.
  57. To cause to rise: to lift up: to set upright: to originate or produce: to bring together: to cause to grow or breed: to produce: to give rise to: to exalt: to increase the strength of: to excite: to recall from death: to cause to swell, as dough.
  58. To lift; erect; produce; breed; excite; collect.
  59. To move upward; lift; exalt.
  60. To produce; rear.
  61. To bring to an end, as a siege.
  62. To cause to rise; to lift; to set upright; to erect; to build; to exalt; to produce; to increase; to excite; to stir up; to bring into being; to bring into life; to call up; to originate; to collect; to levy; to cause to grow; to cause to swell. To raise a siege, to remove a besieging army, and abandon the attempt.
  63. To cause to rise; to elevate from high to low; to lift up; to elevate; to erect or build; to set up; to utter loudly; to advance or prefer; to increase, as the price; to arouse or stir up; to call into view from the state of spirits; to bring from death to life; to collect or obtain, as a sum of money; to occasion or begin; to ordain or appoint; to assemble or levy; to make porous; to leaven; to procure; to propagate.

Quotes of raise

  1. That industry expects you to prove yourself over and over again. Do I stay doing this, or do I raise my daughter and live surrounded by people who love me? Wasn't even really a choice. – Lisa Bonet
  2. A mother's got to be there to raise the children. That's all there is to it. I feel badly for those mothers who work hard, and can't do it all the time. – Eric Braeden
  3. I am neither a free -trade man, willing to collect all the money we have to raise by direct tax upon the people, nor am I willing to lay a tax simply for protection when the Government does not need the money. – Joseph E. Brown
  4. If no other knowledge deserves to be called useful but that which helps to enlarge our possessions or to raise our station in society, then Mythology has no claim to the appellation. – Thomas Bulfinch
  5. I want to thank the efforts of the American Public Health Association and its 200 -plus partners who have organized events around the Nation that serve to raise everyone's awareness of the need to improve public health. – Lois Capps
  6. The philosophers Camus and Sartre raise the question whether or not a man can condemn himself. – Stokely Carmichael
  7. There is abundant proof that the opening of our ports always tends to raise the price of foreign corn to the price in the English market, and not to sink the price of British corn to the price in the continental market. – Joseph Hume
  8. I always thought the real violence in Hollywood isn't what's on the screen. It's what you have to do to raise the money. – David Mamet
  9. The powers, aspirations, and mission of man are such as to raise the study of his origin and nature, inevitably and by the very necessity of the case, from the mere physiological to the psychological stage of scientific operations. – Richard Owen
  10. Where you raise your children isn't as important as how you raise your children. – Ryan Phillippe
  11. A free people, free to believe as we wish, free to speak our minds, free to raise our children as we see fit, will, make no mistake about it, endure. – Nick Rahall
  12. I doubt I'll ever do another book collaboration; I've been spoiled. Roger and I both happened to move to New Mexico at about the same time, when we each had a family of young kids to raise Socializing seemed to lead naturally to working together. – Fred Saberhagen
  13. If I make a move, like raise my eyebrows, some critic says I'm doing Nicholson. What am I supposed to do, cut off my eyebrows? – Christian Slater
  14. Increasingly prices are set by sellers to raise their prices without a loss of sales sufficient to wipe out the gain. – William Vickrey
  15. If we get the donations, I think we're going to raise a significant amount of money; some will be used for some administered costs, but the public portion of that will go directly into grants. – Montel Williams

Usage examples for raise

  1. Should you not be able to raise your legs, don't become frightened. – A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis by Melvin Powers
  2. Somehow we have got to raise three thousand dollars. – Masters of the Wheat-Lands by Harold Bindloss
  3. Let me raise my own children, and put them on their feet. – Fables for Children, Stories for Children, Natural Science Stories, Popular Education, Decembrists, Moral Tales by Leo Tolstoy
  4. And every time they passed the statue of John the True they would raise their little hands and give it a salute, for the Queen, their mother, had told them what John the True had done for their father and her. – Europa's Fairy Book by Joseph Jacobs
  5. " To see you raise your eyes and hear you breathe 'Ah, Laetitia! – This Freedom by A. S. M. Hutchinson
  6. It would raise all the prairie against you; but, if one of you comes near that lamp, I will certainly shoot him. – By Right of Purchase by Harold Bindloss
  7. You see, child"- she sank into the sofa- corner and drew Lilly down beside her-" we poor women have all longed to raise ourselves again, so long as we were pretty faithful to one person.... – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann
  8. But, with all his efforts, he could not raise the window. – Rollo's Philosophy. [Air] by Jacob Abbott
  9. On the last day, He will raise me and all the dead from the grave. – The Small Catechism of Martin Luther by Martin Luther
  10. He did not raise his eyes again to Neale's face. – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey
  11. Patsey had written her name and address on a slip of paper, several of them indeed, so as not to raise any suspicion. – In Wild Rose Time by Amanda M. Douglas
  12. He had gradually approached her chair, and now extended his hand to take hold of Marguerite's, and probably raise it to his lips. – Baron Trigault's Vengeance Volume 2 (of 2) by Emile Gaboriau
  13. It seems that he will be driven to raise money on his interest in this property. – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope
  14. What did he there " raise at once? – Training the Teacher by A. F. Schauffler Antoinette Abernethy Lamoreaux Martin G. Brumbaugh Marion Lawrance
  15. Willems came up running and ordered them to raise me up, but to keep good hold. – An Outcast of the Islands by Joseph Conrad
  16. Can't you raise the money? – Richard Dare's Venture by Edward Stratemeyer
  17. " I'll raise the money and I'll get the papers made out. – Six Feet Four by Jackson Gregory
  18. I cannot raise that note even to save my father's life. – Three Thousand Dollars by Anna Katharine Green
  19. Perhaps old Mr. Branscombe'll give me a raise – The Grain Of Dust A Novel by David Graham Phillips

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