Definitions of rack

  1. To fly, as vapour or broken clouds.
  2. To amble, as a horse.
  3. To draw off from the lees or sediment, as wine.
  4. To extend by the application of force; to stretch or strain; specifically, to stretch on the rack or wheel; to torture by an engine which strains the limbs and pulls the joints.
  5. To torment; to torture; to affect with extreme pain or anguish.
  6. To stretch or strain, in a figurative sense; hence, to harass, or oppress by extortion.
  7. To wash on a rack, as metals or ore.
  8. To bind together, as two ropes, with cross turns of yarn, marline, etc.
  9. To stretch or strain on an instrument of torture; torture; torment; as, racked by remorse; strain; tear; as, racked by a cough; tax greatly; as, to rack one's brain.
  10. To stretch forcibly: to strain: to stretch on the rack or wheel: to torture: to exhaust.
  11. To strain or draw off from the lees, as wine.
  12. To strain; torture; draw off, as liquor.
  13. To torture; pain; stretch; tear; strain.
  14. To draw off from the lees, as liquors.
  15. To fly, as vapor or broken clouds.
  16. To go at a pacing gait, as a horse.
  17. To move, as a horse, with the gait called rack.
  18. torment emotionally or mentally
  19. torture on the rack
  20. work on a rack, of materials such as leather
  21. fly in high wind
  22. run before a gale
  23. To amble fast, causing a rocking or swaying motion of the body; to pace; - said of a horse.
  24. To stretch or strain on the rack or wheel; to torture; to harass by exaction; to stretch; to wrest; to extend.
  25. To draw off from the less; to defecate or decant.
  26. To decant or strain, as wines; to draw wines off the lees.
  27. To strain; to stretch; to torture by stretching; to affect with extreme pain or anguish.
  28. a support for displaying various articles; " the newspapers were arranged on a rack"
  29. framework for holding objects
  30. rib section of a forequarter of veal or pork or especially lamb or mutton
  31. work on a rack; " rack leather"
  32. stretch to the limits; " rack one's brains"
  33. go at a rack; " the horses single- footed"
  34. put on a rack and pinion; " rack a camera"
  35. Same as Arrack.
  36. A fast amble.
  37. A distaff.
  38. The neck and spine of a fore quarter of veal or mutton.
  39. A wreck; destruction.
  40. Thin, flying, broken clouds, or any portion of floating vapor in the sky.
  41. An instrument for torturing the body by stretching or straining the limbs; formerly used to force a confession; intense physical or mental suffering; a framework on or in which articles are hung or arranged; a straight bar having teeth which work with the teeth of a pinion or cogwheel; thin, broken, vapory clouds; wreck; used only in rack and ruin; a pacing gait of a horse.
  42. An instrument for racking or extending: an engine for stretching the body in order to extort a confession: a framework on which articles are arranged: the grating above a manger for hay: ( mech.) a straight bar with teeth to work with those of a wheel: ( fig.) extreme pain, anxiety, or doubt.
  43. Thin or broken clouds, drifting across the sky.
  44. An engine of torture; frame work on which things are laid; grating to hold hay; toothed bar; flying clouds.
  45. A machine for stretching or straining; an instrument of torture by which the limbs were stretched or strained.
  46. An open grating or frame work.
  47. A bar having teeth that engage with those of a gear - wheel.
  48. A quadruped's motion resembling the pace, two feet on a side being moved at once.
  49. Thin, flying clouds; any floating vapor.
  50. Same as WRACK; obsolete except in the pharse " to go to rack and ruin.".
  51. An instrument for stretching or extending anything; an engine of torture; torture; a frame in which articles are arranged; a grate on which bacon is laid; a wooden frame for the feeding of horses, & c.; the frame of the bones of an animal; a straight bar, with teeth to fit into those of a wheel.
  52. Any portion of floating vapour in the sky.
  53. Among the Tartars, a spirituous liquor made of mare's milk. See Arrack.
  54. A racking- pace.
  55. Wreck, which see.
  56. An instrument for stretching; an engine of torture; extreme pain; anguish.
  57. The neck or spine of a fore quarter of veal or mutton.
  58. A receptacle for hay for feeding horses, & c., formed of a range of upright bars; a frame on which articles may be placed or spread out, as a plate- rack; the frame from which the yarn or thread is drawn in spinning; in mining, an inclined plane on which the ore is washed and separated from the slime or earth; a flat bar with teeth on one side to work into those of a pinion.
  59. The drift of the sky; thin, flying, broken clouds- not to be confounded with reek, a mist or vapour.
  60. An instrument or frame used for stretching, extending, retaining, or displaying, something.
  61. An instrument for bending a bow.
  62. A grate on which bacon is laid.
  63. A frame or device of various construction for holding, and preventing the waste of, hay, grain, etc., supplied to beasts.
  64. A frame on which articles are deposited for keeping or arranged for display; as, a clothes rack; a bottle rack, etc.
  65. A frame or table on which ores are separated or washed.
  66. A frame fitted to a wagon for carrying hay, straw, or grain on the stalk, or other bulky loads.
  67. A bar with teeth on its face, or edge, to work with those of a wheel, pinion, or worm, which is to drive it or be driven by it.
  68. That which is extorted; exaction.
  69. An engine of torture, consisting of a large frame, upon which the body was gradually stretched until, sometimes, the joints were dislocated; - formerly used judicially for extorting confessions from criminals or suspected persons.
  70. A piece or frame of wood, having several sheaves, through which the running rigging passes; - called also rack block. Also, a frame to hold shot.