Definitions of QNASI CONTRACTS

  1. In the civil law. A contractual relation arising out of transactions between the parties which give them mutual rights and obligations, but do not involve a specific and express convention or agreement between them. Keener, Quasi Contr. 1; Brack- ett v. Norton, 4 Conn. 524. 10 Am. Dec. 179; People v. Speir, 77 N. Y. 150; Willard v. Doran, 48 Hun. 402. 1 N. Y. Supp. 588; Mc- Sorley v. Faulkner ( Com. PI.) 18 N. Y. Supp. 400; Railway Co. v. Gaffney, 65 Ohio St. 104, 61 N. El 153. Quasi contracts are the lawful and purely voluntary acts of a man, from which there results any obligation whatever to a third person, and sometimes a reciprocal obligation between the parties. Civ. Code La. art. 2293. Persons who have not contracted with each other are often regarded by the Roman law. under a certain state of facts, as if they had actually concluded a convention between themselves. The legal relation which then takes place between these persons, which has always a similarity to a contract obligation, is therefore termed " oblirjalio quasi ex contractu." Such a relation arises from the conducting of affairs without authority, ( ncgotiorum gestio,) from the payment of what was not due. ( solutio indebiti.) from tutorship and curatorship. and from taking possession of an inheritance. Mackeld. Rom. Law, 5 491