Usage examples for putt

  1. I wad putt him doon at the white rock. – The Eagle Cliff by R.M. Ballantyne
  2. The man that we have taken with us was putt into a boat of 3 men and a woman, but not of the same nation as the rest, but of one that we call sorcerors. – Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson by Peter Esprit Radisson
  3. We made an end of some fish that we putt by for neede. – Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson by Peter Esprit Radisson
  4. He read it again as the boy putt- putted off into the darkness. – The Monk of Hambleton by Armstrong Livingston
  5. We putt ourselves uppon our guards, thinking they weare ennemy; but weare friends, and received us with joy, and said that if we had not come in 3 dayes' time, they would have sent their boats to know the reason of our delay. – Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson by Peter Esprit Radisson
  6. It is easy enough to cut the ball, but it is most difficult, at first at all events, to cut it and putt it properly at the same time. – The Complete Golfer [1905] by Harry Vardon
  7. Here they remained several days, and Radisson says: " Our treaty's being done, overladened with bootyes abundantly, we putt ourselves in the way that we came, to see again our village." – Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson by Peter Esprit Radisson
  8. He started his engine and went putt- putting madly out across the lake. – Every Man for Himself by Hopkins Moorhouse
  9. Confucius Putt says that the Prince didn't hear a word of it. – Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope
  10. How can I putt a ball and follow it up with any feeling of interest? – A Book of Ghosts by Sabine Baring-Gould
  11. I did not know exactly what I had to do to win until about four holes from the finish, when someone, who had seen Taylor putt out at the last green, came up to me and told me what number of strokes was still left to me to play if I were to tie with him. – The Complete Golfer [1905] by Harry Vardon
  12. I hooked my drive off the tee and down a little gully to the left, put a good iron shot into a bunker on the right, and than ran down a hundred- yard putt with a niblick for a three. – The Holiday Round by A. A. Milne