Common misspellings for proxy

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Definitions of proxy

  1.   The agency for another who acts through the agent; authority to act for another, esp. to vote in a legislative or corporate capacity.
  2.   An agent; substitute; act empowering an agent.
  3.   A person authorized to decide or act for another person, for example, a person having durable power of attorney.
  4.   acting as substitute for another
  5.   A writing by which one person authorizes another to vote in his stead, as in a corporation meeting.
  6.   To act or vote by proxy; to do anything by the agency of another.
  7.   To vote or act by the agency of another.
  8.   The agency of another who acts as a substitute; one deputed to act for another; a writing granting this power; substitute.
  9.   A substitute empowered to act for another, the right so to act, or the instrument conferring it.
  10.   The person who is substituted or deputed to act or vote for another.
  11.   a power of attorney document given by shareholders of a corporation authorizing a specific vote on their behalf at a corporate meeting
  12.   The written appointment of a proctor in suits in the ecclesiastical courts.
  13.   The agency of one who acts for another: one who acts for another, or the writing by which he is deputed.
  14.   A person with authority to act for another; the document by which one person is authorized to act or vote for another.
  15.   See Procuration.
  16.   a person authorized to act for another
  17.   The person who is substituted to act for another; the agency of a substitute; the writing by which one person is authorised to vote for another.

Usage examples for proxy

  1. The privilege of voting by proxy has also disappeared. ” – The Government of England (Vol. I) by A. Lawrence Lowell
  2. And granting even that Gurth were safe from whatever danger he individually might incur, did it become him to accept the proxy – Harold, Complete The Last Of The Saxon Kings by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  3. This circumstance drew together an amazing concourse of people to witness the ceremony, which, on the bride's part, was literally performed by proxy – Anecdotes & Incidents of the Deaf and Dumb by W. R. Roe
  4. “ I don't know any lady well enough to marry her- and I sure can't think of any female lady that would marry me- not even by proxy – The Uphill Climb by B. M. Bower
  5. Everybody seemed to look to Mrs. Reeves as a sort of proxy housekeeper, and I wondered what they would have done without her. ” – Vicky Van by Carolyn Wells
  6. She had heard of marriage by proxy and this might be one; for in her state of alarm she was ready to accept any idea, preposterous though it might seem. ” – One Maid's Mischief by George Manville Fenn
  7. As to the exact purpose of this expedition, I was not very clear; but I knew that I was acting as Thorndyke's proxy and thrilled with pride at the thought. ” – The Eye of Osiris by R. Austin Freeman
  8. The Queen elected a proxy and it is recorded of him whom she chose that he " produced the ring without injuring his hand, in spite of the fire under the caldron being so intense that the water boiled over." ” – Old Church Lore by William Andrews
  9. All the neighbors were there, either in person or by proxy – Jimmie Moore of Bucktown by Melvin Earnest Trotter
  10. It died with them and with those in whom they confided; but it is probable that during Buckingham's first visit to Paris something was suspected, and that this was the real reason of the refusal to receive him as the proxy of the King of England. ” – Henrietta Maria by Henrietta Haynes
  11. And I now constitute you my proxy to declare these sentiments if the occasion shall require. ” – Memoirs of Aaron Burr, Complete by Matthew L. Davis
  12. Nor, though the bridegroom was absent and both betrothal and wedding would have to be by proxy was he unknown. ” – Henrietta Maria by Henrietta Haynes
  13. The marriage had been performed by proxy in July, and it was then provided that the princess was to come to England. ” – A History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 1718 by Wallace Notestein
  14. But it was pretty, that, being a Protestant, a man stood by and was my Proxy to answer for me. ” – Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete Transcribed From The Shorthand Manuscript In The Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge By The Rev. Mynors Bright by Samuel Pepys Commentator: Lord Braybrooke
  15. This little dialogue by proxy became a daily ceremonial. ” – A Second Home by Honore de Balzac
  16. They were close to Anne in every way; they represented her by proxy they had letters from her written in the far- off town in Canada; she loved them, she encouraged them, she envied them. ” – From the Housetops by George Barr McCutcheon
  17. The author of Lost Sir Massingberd and By Proxy may be trusted to invent his own stories. ” – The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 24 (of 25) by Robert Louis Stevenson Other: Andrew Lang
  18. But he couldn't have chosen a better proxy – Sundown Slim by Henry Hubert Knibbs
  19. Men are here married- by proxy to others than the actual living wife, sometimes with her consent, sometimes without it. ” – Trail Tales by James David Gillilan
  20. These lightly- come- by titles, which Mr. Fatpurse selects, perhaps by proxy can scarcely play the guide, philosopher and friend in crucial moments as do the books- long coveted, joyously attained- that are welcomed into the lives, and not merely the libraries, of us others who are at once poorer and richer. ” – The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein

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