Definitions of province

  1. a territorial possession controlled by a ruling state
  2. the proper sphere or extent of your activities; " it was his province to take care of himself"
  3. the territory occupied by one of the constituent administrative districts of a nation; " his state is in the deep south"
  4. A country or region, more or less remote from the city of Rome, brought under the Roman government; a conquered country beyond the limits of Italy.
  5. A country or region dependent on a distant authority; a portion of an empire or state, esp. one remote from the capital.
  6. A region of country; a tract; a district.
  7. A region under the supervision or direction of any special person; the district or division of a country, especially an ecclesiastical division, over which one has jurisdiction; as, the province of Canterbury, or that in which the archbishop of Canterbury exercises ecclesiastical authority.
  8. Specif.: Any political division of the Dominion of Canada, having a governor, a local legislature, and representation in the Dominion parliament. Hence, colloquially, The Provinces, the Dominion of Canada.
  9. A portion of an empire or state: the district over which one has jurisdiction: a region: a business or duty: one's business or calling: a department of knowledge.
  10. Division of an empire; district; department.
  11. A large division of a country; a department; sphere.
  12. Among the Romans, a territory outside of Italy acquired chiefly by conquest and under Roman government; a country, usually at a distance, belonging to a kingdom or state either by conquest or colonization, and more or less dependent on it; a division of a kingdom or state; a district; a country district; a department of knowledge; the proper office or business of a person.
  13. A division of a kingdom of considerable extent; the jurisdiction of an archbishop; a district of a country, as distinguished from the capital; the proper office or business of any one.

Usage examples for province

  1. Why or how these elements build up a man in the one case, and a monkey in another, is beyond its province to say. – The Breath of Life by John Burroughs
  2. We must not permit the Austrians to leave the province, and we are firmly resolved that we will not. – Andreas Hofer by Lousia Muhlbach
  3. In Rome, we are told, the spear was sacred to Juno, and in the province of Rhegium was worshipped as Mars. – A Cursory History of Swearing by Julian Sharman
  4. First the province of Law or Right. – Hegel’s Philosophy of Mind by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
  5. Not one of these had become a Russian Province, or had failed to develop and maintain a distinct national existence. – History of Modern Europe 1792-1878 by C. A. Fyffe
  6. It is a woman's province, then, To be content with what has been? – Poems by Elizabeth Stoddard
  7. The first man the Englishman recognized as Saney, head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the province. – The Heart of Unaga by Ridgwell Cullum
  8. They are not of this province, however, and I more than suspect them to be Andalusians. – The Bible in Spain by George Borrow
  9. Their province was to advise, and not to command. – The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War after the Conquest of Canada by Francis Parkman
  10. These things did not come properly within March's province- that had been clearly understood- and for a while Fulkerson tried to run the art leg himself. – A Hazard of New Fortunes by William Dean Howells
  11. " The whole province, down to the sea, will be with us. – La Vendée An Historical Romance by Anthony Trollope
  12. He was made Professor of Jurisprudence in the new University College of London in 1827. He held this post for five years only; but it resulted in his famous Province of Jurisprudence Determined, a book standing more or less alone in English. – A History of Nineteenth Century Literature (1780-1895) by George Saintsbury
  13. What is here demanded cannot, perhaps, be said to be difficult; it is not in our power at all, but is just the province of genius. – The Art of Literature by Arthur Schopenhauer
  14. The guilty bishop, now become the laughing- stock of the province, is permitted to depart without punishment. – The Book-Hunter at Home by P. B. M. Allan
  15. I have travell'd far and wide, O'er many a distant foreign land; Each place, each province I have tried. – The Poetical Works of Henry Kirke White With a Memoir by Sir Harris Nicolas by Henry Kirke White
  16. These, under the name of States, assembled as often as the wants of the province required it. – The Revolt of The Netherlands, Complete by Frederich Schiller
  17. Nay, now I warn you, Critobulus, it is not within the province of my science to make the beautiful endure him who would lay hands upon them. – The Memorabilia Recollections of Socrates by Xenophon