Definitions of prophet

  1. someone who speaks by divine inspiration; someone who is an interpreter of the will of God
  2. One inspired or instructed by God to speak in his name, or announce future events, as, Moses, Elijah, etc.
  3. An interpreter; a spokesman.
  4. One inspired by God to teach his will to men and to announce future events; one who predicts.
  5. One who proclaims or interprets the will of God: one who announces things to come: one who predicts or foretells events: ( B.) one inspired by God to teach:- pl. the writings of the prophets:- fem. PROPHETESS.
  6. One who prophesies.
  7. One who foretells future events, specially one inspired by God to do so; an inspired teacher of the Divine will; an interpreter. The school of the prophets, an institution among the Jews for the education of public teachers.
  8. One who foretells future events; one inspired by God to reveal things that are to come; an interpreter of Scripture.