Definitions of profound

  1. An abyss.
  2. Profoundness.
  3. The sea or ocean.
  4. Profoundness, profundity.
  5. The deep; the ocean; the abyss.
  6. The deep; the sea or ocean; the abyss.
  7. Profoundly.
  8. ( of sleep) deep and complete; " a heavy sleep"; " fell into a profound sleep"; " a sound sleeper"; " deep wakeless sleep"
  9. coming from deep within one; " a profound sigh"
  10. of the greatest intensity; complete; " a profound silence"; " a state of profound shock"
  11. showing intellectual penetration or emotional depths; from the depths of your being; " the differences are profound"; " a profound insight"; " a profound book"; " a profound mind"; " profound contempt"; " profound regret"
  12. Descending far below the surface; opening or reaching to a great depth; deep.
  13. Intellectually deep; entering far into subjects; reaching to the bottom of a matter, or of a branch of learning; thorough; as, a profound investigation or treatise; a profound scholar; profound wisdom.
  14. Characterized by intensity; deeply felt; pervading; overmastering; far- reaching; strongly impressed; as, a profound sleep.
  15. Bending low, exhibiting or expressing deep humility; lowly; submissive; as, a profound bow.
  16. The deep; the sea; the ocean.
  17. To cause to sink deeply; to cause to dive or penetrate far down.
  18. To dive deeply; to penetrate.
  19. Deep, as to space; as, the profound depths of ocean; deep, as to mental state; thorough; deep, as to feeling; intense; bending low; coming from the depths.
  20. Far below the surface: low: very deep: intense: abstruse: mysterious: occult: intellectually deep: penetrating deeply into knowledge.
  21. Deep; abstruse; learned.
  22. Deep; complete; thorough; abstruse.
  23. Deep; intellectually deep; penetrating deeply; deep in skill; humble; lowly; submissive; having hidden qualities.
  24. Far below the surface; not superficial or obvious; deep in knowledge or skill; intense; obscure or abstruse; very humble or lowly.