Definitions of prize

  1. To value highly; to seize in war, as a vessel.
  2. To set a price on: to value: to value highly.
  3. To value.
  4. To value; esteem.
  5. To estimate the value of; to value highly; to esteem.
  6. To set a price on; to value; to esteem highly.
  7. goods or money obtained illegally
  8. A reward offered or won in a contest; that which is taken from an enemy in war, especially a captured vessel; anything worth striving for.
  9. That which is taken or gained by competition: anything taken from an enemy in war: a captured vessel: that which is won in a lottery: anything offered for competition: a reward.
  10. Anything gained in a contest; captured vessel, & c.; something won in a lottery; reward.
  11. Anything won or to be won in a contest; a reward.
  12. That which is taken from an enemy in war; a vessel captured; a reward; the reward gained by any performance; what is won in a lottery.
  13. That which is gained by, or offered for, some performance; a reward; a premium; a capture from an enemy- applied to taking a vessel at sea; the money or goods gained by a lottery- ticket.
  14. something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery; " the prize was a free trip to Europe"
  15. regard highly; think much of; " I respect his judgement"; " We prize his creativity"
  16. That which is taken from another; something captured; a thing seized by force, stratagem, or superior power.
  17. Anything captured by a belligerent using the rights of war; esp., property captured at sea in virtue of the rights of war, as a vessel.
  18. An honor or reward striven for in a competitive contest; anything offered to be competed for, or as an inducement to, or reward of, effort.
  19. That which may be won by chance, as in a lottery.
  20. A contest for a reward; competition.
  21. To move with a lever; to force up or open; to pry.
  22. To set or estimate the value of; to appraise; to price; to rate.
  23. To value highly; to estimate to be of great worth; to esteem.
  24. Estimation; valuation.