Definitions of prismatic

  1. of or relating to or resembling or constituting a prism; " prismatic form"
  2. exhibiting spectral colors formed by refraction of light through a prism; " prismatic light"
  3. Like, or pertaining to, a prism, especially a triangular glass prism; showing the colors formed by passing a ray of light through a prism; varied in color like the rainbow.
  4. Resembling, pertaining to, or produced by, a prism.
  5. Pertaining to, shaped like, or formed by a prism; exhibiting rainbow tints. prismatical.
  6. Resembling a prism; separated and formed by a prism; pertaining to a prism.
  7. Pert. to or resembling a prism, or formed as one; formed by a prism.
  8. Like a prism; leaves; consisting of prisms, as the prismatic layer of shells.