Definitions of primary

  1. one of the main flight feathers projecting along the outer edge of a bird's wing
  2. That which is first in rank, place, or importance; a meeting of voters to name candidates, etc., to be voted for in a coming election; one of the large flight- feathers in a bird's wing.
  3. That which is highest in rank or importance.
  4. That which stands highest in rank or importance; the large feathers on the last joint of a bird's wing. Primary- colours. See Colour. Primary rocks, the earliest rocks of the earth's crust, from the permian downwards.
  5. That which is first or highest in rank; opposed to secondary.
  6. most important element; " the chief aim of living"; " the main doors were of solid glass"; " the principal rivers of America"; " the principal example"; " policemen were primary targets"
  7. of or being the essential or basic part; " an elementary need for love and nurturing"
  8. of first rank or importance or value; direct and immediate rather than secondhand; " primary goals"; " a primary effect"; " primary sources"; " a primary interest"
  9. First in order of time or development or in intention; primitive; fundamental; original.
  10. First in order, as being preparatory to something higher; as, primary assemblies; primary schools.
  11. First in dignity or importance; chief; principal; as, primary planets; a matter of primary importance.
  12. Earliest formed; fundamental.
  13. Illustrating, possessing, or characterized by, some quality or property in the first degree; having undergone the first stage of substitution or replacement.
  14. That which stands first in order, rank, or importance; a chief matter.
  15. A primary meeting; a caucus.
  16. One of the large feathers on the distal joint of a bird's wing. See Plumage, and Illust. of Bird.
  17. A primary planet; the brighter component of a double star. See under Planet.
  18. In the first order of time, place, or rank; original; chief; principal; first in order of development; hence, lowest; as, a primary school; preparatory.
  19. First, original: chief: primitive.
  20. Original; first; chief.
  21. Original; first; fundamental; chief.
  22. First in order of time; original; chief; principal; intended, as a school, for elementary instruction; radical.
  23. First in order of time or formation; first in place; rank, or importance; original; principal; preparatory or lowest in order, as schools or political assemblies.
  24. First; principal; original; axis, feathers, meristem, root, wood.