Definitions of pretty

  1. intensifier, as in" pretty big"; " pretty bad"; (` jolly' is used informally in Britain as in" jolly decent of him")
  2. ( used ironically) unexpectedly bad; " a pretty mess"; " a pretty kettle of fish"
  3. pleasing by delicacy or grace; not imposing; " pretty girl"; " pretty song"; " pretty room"
  4. used as an intensifier (` jolly' is used informally in Britain); " pretty big"; " pretty bad"; " jolly decent of him"
  5. Tolerably; moderately.
  6. Pleasing by delicacy or grace; attracting, but not striking or impressing; of a pleasing and attractive form a color; having slight or diminutive beauty; neat or elegant without elevation or grandeur; pleasingly, but not grandly, conceived or expressed; as, a pretty face; a pretty flower; a pretty poem.
  7. Moderately large; considerable; as, he had saved a pretty fortune.
  8. Affectedly nice; foppish; -- used in an ill sense.
  9. Mean; despicable; contemptible; -- used ironically; as, a pretty trick; a pretty fellow.
  10. Stout; strong and brave; intrepid; valiant.
  11. In some degree; moderately; considerably; rather; almost; -- less emphatic than very; as, I am pretty sure of the fact; pretty cold weather.
  12. Pleasing because of grace and daintiness; pleasing to the eye; entertaining; trim; moderately large or excellent; fine.
  13. Fairly; moderately.
  14. Prettily.
  15. Prettiness.
  16. Prettier.
  17. Prettiest.
  18. Tasteful: pleasing: neat: beautiful without dignity: small: affected: ( in contempt) fine.
  19. In some degree: moderately.
  20. Handsome; neat; pleasing.
  21. Characterized by delicate beauty; dainty; pleasing; sweet.
  22. Moderately; somewhat.
  23. Of a pleasing form, without absolute beauty; neat and appropriate; neatly arranged; crafty; small; affected.
  24. Of a pleasing and attractive form; neatly arranged or ornamented; neat and handsome, but not exactly beautiful; in contempt, foppish; affected; in irony, fine; decent; excellent.
  25. In some degree; tolerably; moderately; expressing a degree less than very, as pretty fair, pretty well done.
  26. Sly; crafty.

Usage examples for pretty

  1. But how pretty she is! – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1896 to 1901 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  2. And she is very pretty – Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
  3. Rather a pretty one, isn't it, Pompy? – The Atlantic Book of Modern Plays by Various
  4. Poor, pretty Helen Mowbray! – The Vicar of Wrexhill by Mrs [Frances] Trollope
  5. " Ay, that he shall, my pretty – The Man with a Shadow by George Manville Fenn
  6. Yes, said Mr. Furnivale, they are pretty – Rosy by Mrs. Molesworth
  7. How pretty you are. – From the Housetops by George Barr McCutcheon
  8. I like her pretty well. – Polly and the Princess by Emma C. Dowd
  9. Not quite, perhaps, but still pretty well. – By Berwen Banks by Allen Raine
  10. Just see how pretty she is! – The Great K. & A. Robbery by Paul Liechester Ford
  11. But I think it a pretty name- a good name. – The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey
  12. She isn't pretty but she is such a dear that every one loves her. – A Houseful of Girls by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  13. It's a pretty good one. – The Happy Man by Gerald Wilburn Page
  14. I am going to talk with your mother a little; but I shall be back again pretty soon. – Mary Erskine by Jacob Abbott
  15. It was a pretty thing. – Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  16. The pretty room was quite deserted. – Marjorie Dean, High School Junior by Pauline Lester
  17. Pretty I know, of course. – Good Luck by L. T. Meade
  18. " I think I have thought, and done, too, for myself, pretty well. – Valerie by Frederick Marryat
  19. But certainly he was not pretty – Martin Hewitt, Investigator by Arthur Morrison