Usage examples for pretense

  1. I took it into my head to turn about and to go to Salins, under the pretense of going to see M. de Marian, the nephew of M. Dupin, who had an employment at the salt- works, and formerly had given me many invitations to his house. – The Confessions of J. J. Rousseau, Book XI. by Jean Jacques Rousseau
  2. He was on his travels, having left Athens to be absent ten years, under the pretense of wishing to see the world, but really to avoid being forced to repeal any of the laws which at the request of the Athenians he had made for them. – The Best of the World's Classics, Restricted to prose. Volume I (of X) - Greece by Various
  3. He thought of Ben- Zayb as a source of information, but finding the writer armed to the teeth and using two loaded revolvers for paper- weights, took his leave in the shortest possible time, to shut himself up in his house and take to his bed under pretense of illness. – The Reign of Greed Complete English Version of 'El Filibusterismo' by Jose Rizal
  4. We may shout God's praise loud enough to be heard two blocks away; but if we are not obeying him, he knows it is a pretense, and it will not work the machine. – Heart Talks by Charles Wesley Naylor
  5. The youngster was intense and alert, hair- trigger schooled, taught to pretend in such detail that the pretense was reality to him; a precise pretense that would become reality for all of them if the machine failed. – Breaking Point by James E. Gunn
  6. " Your request is but a pretense," I said. – The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu by Sax Rohmer
  7. I carried my radio- under- false- pretense slung from my shoulder, and started downtown on foot. – Four-Day Planet by Henry Beam Piper
  8. She often said that she could never feel at home with pretense even if the intention behind it was kindly. – In the Wilderness by Robert Hichens
  9. At last the pretense ended, and we went to our separate rooms to dress for dinner. – Man and Maid by Elinor Glyn
  10. As has already been said, there are relatively few propositions in geometry that have any practical applications, applications that are even honest in their pretense. – The Teaching of Geometry by David Eugene Smith
  11. But her reply tore all pretense aside. – Mary Wollaston by Henry Kitchell Webster
  12. He looked at a letter he'd been reading and gave up pretense. – Space Tug by Murray Leinster
  13. She would be content with the hollow pretense their life together would be, missing only her good times. – The House of Toys by Henry Russell Miller
  14. Ever since that night of lying and dirty pretense he's- he's- I've lost him. – In the Wilderness by Robert Hichens
  15. I have been trying to pretend to myself, ever since we left Washington, that we are traveling through a strange country; but it is a mere pretense. – Free Joe and Other Georgian Sketches by Joel Chandler Harris
  16. The blood flew to Desmond's face and he bent down, on pretense of examining the cushions, to hide his confusion. – Okewood of the Secret Service by Valentine Williams
  17. She's absolutely without pretense, and she has a world of common sense. – Clover and Blue Grass by Eliza Calvert Hall
  18. We are glad, now that we see the facts with no veil of false pretense about them, to fight thus for the ultimate peace of the world and for the liberation of its people, the German people included; for the rights of nations, great and small; the privilege of men everywhere to choose their way of life and of obedience. – America's War for Humanity by Thomas Herbert Russell