Common misspellings for preconceive

preconcious, preconcieves, preconseved, preconcieved, preconvieved, precussive, progesive, preconsieved, preconcived, preconcept, reprecencive, precursive, prewconcieved, preconceved, preconcevied, preconvceived, proggesive, prespecive, precognative, preconsived, aprehencive, preconcieve.

Usage examples for preconceive

  1. So my purpose was to discover him; and I made calculations, and summoned them that serve me to search for such a youth as thou art; fairly, O my betrothed, did I preconceive thee. ” – The Shaving of Shagpat, Complete by George Meredith

Rhymes for preconceive