Definitions of precipitate

  1. To fall headlong; to fall to the bottom of a vessel, as a sediment.
  2. To throw headlong; urge on violently; hurry on rashly; to cause to change from vapor to liquid or solid and fall, as rain or snow; to cause to separate in solid form from a solution.
  3. To throw head- foremost: to urge with eagerness: to hurry rashly: to hasten: ( chem.) to throw to the bottom, as a substance in solution or suspension.
  4. To throw down, as from a height; urge onward rashly; hasten.
  5. To cause to fall, as from a liquid, by condensation.
  6. To separate in solid form from a solution.
  7. separate as a fine suspension of solid particles
  8. hurl or throw violently; " The bridge broke and precipitated the train into the river below"
  9. bring about abruptly; " The crisis precipitated by Russia's revolution"
  10. fall vertically, sharply, or headlong; " Our economy precipitated into complete ruin"
  11. To fall headlong; settle down.
  12. To throw headlong; to urge with eagerness or undue haste; to hurry blindly or rashly; to throw to the bottom of a vessel, as a substance in solution.
  13. To hurry or hasten on blindly or rashly; to urge or press on prematurely; to cause to separate or fall to the bottom, as a substance held in solution by a liquid.
  14. A solid substance seperated from a solution by chemical action.
  15. A substance precipitated.
  16. A substance thrown to the bottom of a solution.
  17. Precipitation.
  18. A substance separated from a solution, and deposited.
  19. A substance precipitated. Red precipitate, the red oxide or peroxide of mercury.
  20. A substance thrown down from its state of solution in a liquid to the bottom of a vessel, generally in a pulverised form.
  21. Precipitately.
  22. Overhasty; rash; as, the king was too precipitate in declaring war.
  23. Lacking due deliberation or care; hurried; said or done before the time; as, a precipitate measure.
  24. Falling, flowing, or rushing, with steep descent; headlong.
  25. Ending quickly in death; brief and fatal; as, a precipitate case of disease.
  26. An insoluble substance separated from a solution in a concrete state by the action of some reagent added to the solution, or of some force, such as heat or cold. The precipitate may fall to the bottom ( whence the name), may be diffused through the solution, or may float at or near the surface.
  27. To throw headlong; to cast down from a precipice or height.
  28. To urge or press on with eager haste or violence; to cause to happen, or come to a crisis, suddenly or too soon; as, precipitate a journey, or a conflict.
  29. To separate from a solution, or other medium, in the form of a precipitate; as, water precipitates camphor when in solution with alcohol.
  30. To dash or fall headlong.
  31. To hasten without preparation.
  32. To separate from a solution as a precipitate. See Precipitate, n.
  33. Overhasty; rash; falling, flowing, or rushing headlong; descending steeply.
  34. Falling, flowing, or rushing headlong: lacking deliberation: overhasty: ( med.) ending soon in death.
  35. Steep; over- hasty.
  36. Rushing down headlong; hasty; premature.
  37. Falling, flowing, or rushing with steep descent; headlong; overhasty; adopted without due deliberation; violent and speedily terminating.
  38. Headlong; flowing or falling with a steep descent; over- hasty; incautious; without due deliberation.