Definitions of powers

  1.   Those having resources, greater or less- applied to nations, as the great powers.

Quotes of powers

  1. For the creation of a masterwork of literature two powers must concur, the power of the man and the power of the moment, and the man is not enough without the moment. – Matthew Arnold
  2. Give yourself an even greater challenge than the one you are trying to master and you will develop the powers necessary to overcome the original difficulty. – William Bennett
  3. There is a power in public opinion in this country- and I thank God for it: for it is the most honest and best of all powers which will not tolerate an incompetent or unworthy man to hold in his weak or wicked hands the lives and fortunes of his fellow -citizens. – Martin Van Buren
  4. The elements and majestic forces in nature, Lightning, Wind, Water, Fire, and Frost, were regarded with awe as spiritual powers but always secondary and intermediate in character. – Charles Eastman
  5. A good indignation brings out all one's powers – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  6. There must be room for the imagination to exercise its powers we must conceive and apprehend a thousand things which we do not actually witness. – William Godwin
  7. In these negotiations we are not a helpless object, although great world powers are involved. We play an active role and try to influence our destiny; we have our own trump cards and we use them. – Alija Izetbegovic
  8. There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women. – Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  9. It is not enough to show people how to live better: there is a mandate for any group with enormous powers of communication to show people how to be better. – Marya Mannes
  10. Enter every activity without giving mental recognition to the possibility of defeat. Concentrate on your strengths, instead of your weaknesses... on your powers instead of your problems. – Paul J. Meyer
  11. The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively, not by the false appearance things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice. – Arthur Schopenhauer
  12. The two most engaging powers of an author are to make new things familiar, familiar things new. – William Makepeace Thackeray
  13. The animals that depend on instinct have an inherent knowledge of the laws of economics and of how to apply them; Man, with his powers of reason, has reduced economics to the level of a farce which is at once funnier and more tragic than Tobacco Road. – James Thurber
  14. All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark. – Swami Vivekananda
  15. Goals provide the energy source that powers our lives. One of the best ways we can get the most from the energy we have is to focus it. That is what goals can do for us; concentrate our energy. – Denis Waitley

Usage examples for powers

  1. By the powers Terence! ” – With Moore At Corunna by G. A. Henty
  2. They are obliged to talk at the very moment when they wish to use their powers of expression for a very different purpose. ” – Coningsby by Benjamin Disraeli
  3. The archbishop has been given full powers – The Puppet Crown by Harold MacGrath
  4. But it was with a heavy heart, for he greatly doubted his own powers – This Country Of Ours by H. E. Marshall Author: Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall
  5. We must learn what these Powers purpose doing. ” – The Lighted Match by Charles Neville Buck
  6. Be the powers no. ” – My Lady of the Chimney Corner by Alexander Irvine
  7. Also, do you not see that there cannot be two equally Great Powers in Germany. ” – The Prussian Terror by Alexandre Dumas
  8. Or it will do other strange things because different whinchers have different powers – Rootabaga Stories by Carl Sandburg
  9. Who gave you the powers of reason and speech? ” – An Address to the Inhabitants of the Colonies, Established in New South Wales and Norfolk Island. by Richard Johnson
  10. Only let those who come come with full powers as you desire us. ” – The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides
  11. So long as I live, I am to have powers over my property, to alter my will as I please. ” – History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, And Assyria In The Light Of Recent Discovery by L.W. King and H.R. Hall
  12. “ To " wise the powers is to give information to the Naval officers. ” – Dave Darrin's First Year at Annapolis by H. Irving Hancock
  13. The other two poets just mentioned were really new powers – A History of Nineteenth Century Literature (1780-1895) by George Saintsbury
  14. Some of the powers granted, from their very nature, interfere in their execution with contracts of parties. ” – Monopolies and the People by D. C. Cloud
  15. Whatever her experience during the last days or weeks had been, it had brought her to the end of her powers – Mary Wollaston by Henry Kitchell Webster
  16. “ " Let your powers of darkness come, Elijah," I said quietly, " but I tell you this: before they come there are certain things you will have to tell me." ” – The Coming of the King by James Hocking
  17. “ Asy boys, now, said Corney; we're all right when we're here; an', by the powers – The Macdermots of Ballycloran by Anthony Trollope
  18. We have here to deal with other powers of darkness! ” – The Children of the World by Paul Heyse
  19. On the whole, however, he was satisfied about her; alarm and excitement had restrung her powers and she knew herself to have done her part, so that she was ready to be both cheerful and important over the evening meal. ” – The Clever Woman of the Family by Charlotte M. Yonge
  20. All other powers depend on the pope. ” – Monks, Popes, and their Political Intrigues by John Alberger

Rhymes for powers

  • ours;
  • bowers, cowers, flours, flowers, hours, scours, showers, sours, towers;
  • devours, empowers;
  • superpowers;

Idioms for powers