Definitions of potential

  1. the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts
  2. A possibility; in electrical science, the electrical energy possessed by a body by virtue of the electric charge that it carries.
  3. The name for a function of great importance in the mathematical theory of attractions, also in electricity.
  5. Anything that may be possible.
  6. Elec. Degree of electrification.
  7. Anything possible.
  8. Potentially.
  9. expected to become or be; in prospect; " potential clients"; " expected income"
  10. existing in possibility; " a potential problem"; " possible uses of nuclear poser"
  11. existing in possibility; " a potential problem"; " possible uses of nuclear power"
  12. Being potent; endowed with energy adequate to a result; efficacious; influential.
  13. Existing in possibility, not in actuality.
  14. Anything that may be possible; a possibility; potentially.
  15. In the theory of gravitation, or of other forces acting in space, a function of the rectangular coordinates which determine the position of a point, such that its differential coefficients with respect to the coordinates are equal to the components of the force at the point considered; -- also called potential function, or force function. It is called also Newtonian potential when the force is directed to a fixed center and is inversely as the square of the distance from the center.
  16. The energy of an electrical charge measured by its power to do work; hence, the degree of electrification as referred to some standard, as that of the earth; electro- motive force.
  17. Capable of being, but not yet in being; possible, but not actual; in grammar, expressing power, possibility, etc.; as, the potential mood: in physics, existing by reason of position; as, potential energy.
  18. Powerful, efficacious: existing in possibility, not in reality: ( gram.) expressing power, possibility, liberty, or obligation.
  19. Possible, but not actual.
  20. Having capacity for existence. but not yet existing.
  21. Indicating possibility or power.
  22. Existing in possibility, not in act; latent; expressing power, possibility, obligation, or necessity.
  23. Existing in possibility, not in act; in gram., applied to a mood which expresses possibility, liberty, power, will, or obligation; efficacious; powerful.
  24. Latent, as characteristics.