Definitions of pool

  1. add together, as of resources
  2. an association of companies for some definite purpose
  3. the combined stakes of the betters
  4. any of various games played on a pool table having 6 pockets
  5. a small lake; " the pond was too small for sailing"
  6. an excavation that is ( usually) filled with water
  7. an organization of people or resources that can be shared; " a car pool"; " a secretarial pool"; " when he was first hired he was assigned to the pool"
  8. something resembling a pool of liquid; " he stood in a pool of light"; " his chair sat in a puddle of books and magazines"
  9. a small body of standing water ( rainwater) or other liquid; " there were puddles of muddy water in the road after the rain"; " the body lay in a pool of blood"
  10. any communal combination of funds; " everyone contributed to the pool"
  11. join or form a pool of people
  12. combine into a common fund; " We pooled resources"
  13. A small and rather deep collection of ( usually) fresh water, as one supplied by a spring, or occurring in the course of a stream; a reservoir for water; as, the pools of Solomon.
  14. A small body of standing or stagnant water; a puddle.
  15. The stake played for in certain games of cards, billiards, etc.; an aggregated stake to which each player has contributed a snare; also, the receptacle for the stakes.
  16. A game at billiards, in which each of the players stakes a certain sum, the winner taking the whole; also, in public billiard rooms, a game in which the loser pays the entrance fee for all who engage in the game; a game of skill in pocketing the balls on a pool table.
  17. In rifle shooting, a contest in which each competitor pays a certain sum for every shot he makes, the net proceeds being divided among the winners.
  18. Any gambling or commercial venture in which several persons join.
  19. A combination of persons contributing money to be used for the purpose of increasing or depressing the market price of stocks, grain, or other commodities; also, the aggregate of the sums so contributed; as, the pool took all the wheat offered below the limit; he put $ 10, 000 into the pool.
  20. A mutual arrangement between competing lines, by which the receipts of all are aggregated, and then distributed pro rata according to agreement.
  21. An aggregation of properties or rights, belonging to different people in a community, in a common fund, to be charged with common liabilities.
  22. To put together; to contribute to a common fund, on the basis of a mutual division of profits or losses; to make a common interest of; as, the companies pooled their traffic.
  23. To combine or contribute with others, as for a commercial, speculative, or gambling transaction.
  24. A small body of water; a puddle; a kind of billiards; the money played for in certain gambling games or the place where it is kept; a common fund of money raised to speculate with, or the persons putting up the money.
  25. To put into a common fund in order to share the profits.
  26. To form a common fund.
  27. A collection of blood in any region of the body, due to a dilatation of and retardation of the circulation in the capillaries and veins of the part.
  28. A small body of water.
  29. The receptacle for the stakes in certain games: the stakes themselves: a variety of play at billiards.
  30. Small pond.
  31. To put into a common fund.
  32. To form a pool.
  33. A small collection of liquid.
  34. A collective stake in a gambling game; a speculative combination; a common fund.
  35. A game played on a six- pocket billiard- table.
  36. A small collection of water in a hollow place.
  37. The stakes played for in certain games of cards, or the receptacle for them; a particular game at billiards.
  38. A piece of standing water less than a lake; a small collection of water, or of a liquid, in a hollow.

Quotes of pool

  1. If I could get any animal it would be a dolphin. I want one so bad. Me and my mom went swimming with dolphins and I was like, 'How do we get one of those?' and she was like, 'You can't get a dolphin. What are you gonna do, like, put it in your pool – Miley Cyrus
  2. But I believe that there are marriages where you can have your pool table and she can have her scrapbooking room or garden or whatever it is. But when everyone has what they want, it's not funny. There's no conflict. – Brad Garrett
  3. The problem with the gene pool is that there's no lifeguard. – David Gerrold
  4. I have a certain pool of subject matter that I like to write about, things that interest me: politics, religion, ecology, and relationships between men and women. And that's usually what I focus on. – Don Henley
  5. Nine -tenths of tactics are certain, and taught in books: but the irrational tenth is like the kingfisher flashing across the pool and that is the test of generals. – T. E. Lawrence
  6. Fame has sent a number of celebrities off the deep end, and in the case of Michael Jackson, to the kiddy pool – Bill Maher
  7. I think people think we're all sipping martinis by the pool – Maria Menounos
  8. Marc if you want me to go to the bottom of the pool I'll go there. – Nancy O'Dell
  9. How frail the human heart must be- a mirrored pool of thought. – Sylvia Plath
  10. Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean. – Christopher Reeve
  11. Day after day, I spent long afternoons in the talent pool being told how to walk, how to talk, how to sit. – Gene Tierney
  12. When we are thirsty, we drink the white waters of the pool the sweetness of our mournful childhood. – Georg Trakl
  13. Hollywood is loneliness beside the swimming pool – Liv Ullmann
  14. I took a job at the pool in order to earn the five cents a day it cost to swim. I counted wet towels. As a bonus, I was allowed to swim during lunchtime. – Esther Williams

Usage examples for pool

  1. The Camel is too busy looking at his own beautiful self in the pool of water to know what is going to happen to him. – Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling
  2. " Clon flung the captain and himself into the river- pool I explained, in a low voice. – Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France by Stanley J. Weyman
  3. Yet there will be more ghosts to weep, Untuswa, after our visit to Ncwelo's pool – The White Shield by Bertram Mitford
  4. Mrs. Pool took the stand. – A Terrible Secret by May Agnes Fleming
  5. Seaweeds grew in the pool – Libro segundo de lectura by Ellen M. Cyr
  6. Jonas turned his horse to one side, to avoid this pool of water, and waited until Oliver came up. – Jonas on a Farm in Winter by Jacob Abbott
  7. The pool of Memory would have had to be stirred to remind him of the pipe- smoke in her hair. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  8. It ended on the edge of a rock- pool a dozen yards across, and deep enough to reach above a man's knees. – Merry-Garden and Other Stories by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  9. Nevertheless we never ventured into any pool on strange parts of the coast before we had thrust a stick into it. – The Story of My Boyhood and Youth by John Muir
  10. When they arrived at the river, they found some fish which had been caught in a shallow pool near the bank, and caught all they wanted. – Philippine Folk-Tales by Clara Kern Bayliss, Berton L. Maxfield, W. H. Millington, Fletcher Gardner, Laura Watson Benedict
  11. And look at this pool of blood on the floor! – Put Yourself in His Place by Charles Reade
  12. There is a real ghost story connected with this pool which doubtless formed the basis of Mrs. Ward's legend. – The Lure of the Camera by Charles S. Olcott
  13. And if the dorter of the 'ouse don't get married that time, the money's put away and added to the pool for the next 'ouse- party." – A Damsel in Distress by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
  14. I had walked into a large pool of blood. – Napoleon the Little by Victor Hugo
  15. In Jerusalem there is a pool beside the sheep gate. – The Children's Bible by Henry A. Sherman Charles Foster Kent
  16. Here and there lay a pool – His Unknown Wife by Louis Tracy
  17. The tired sheep were got onto their legs again, and half a mile away the party arrived at a pool in what in wet weather was the bed of a river. – Colonel Thorndyke's Secret by G. A. Henty
  18. " Then be hang'd, sir, but all the town shall hear to- morrow of the frog and the pool – The Splendid Spur by Arthur T. Quiller Couch
  19. He was lost for a moment against the blackness of the hedge, and emerged on the other side of the pool – The Trumpeter Swan by Temple Bailey
  20. You said it ought to keep very cool, so I threw it into the deep pool – For the Sake of the School by Angela Brazil

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