Usage examples for polyp

  1. While they revolved in their course together like a many- limbed polyp, the Pole ravened with ceaseless and bestial ululation. – Where the Pavement Ends by John Russell
  2. In structure each tiny polyp is little more than a fleshy sac whose mouth is surrounded with petal- like tentacles, or feelers. – The Elements of Geology by William Harmon Norton
  3. Who and what, then, is this lordly tenant whose germ was coeval with matter, whose birth was in the first living cell which appeared upon the planet, whose apprenticeship has been served through every grade of existence from the humble polyp upwards, whose education has been carried on through the brain and organs of every grade of animal life with its countless expedients for existence and enjoyment, until now, as lord of its domain, it looks back upon its long course of development and education, looks about upon its environments and wonders at itself, at what it sees, and at what it prophesies. – Telepathy and the Subliminal Self by R. Osgood Mason
  4. It is made of the shells of little animals, called the polyp, which live in the sea. – Uncle Robert's Geography (Uncle Robert's Visit, V.3) by Francis W. Parker and Nellie Lathrop Helm
  5. A bud or a cutting separated off from a living creature- tiger- lily or potato, polyp or worm- reproduces an entire organism like the parent, if the appropriate nurture- conditions are available; and it can do so because it is a fair sample of the parental organisation. – Herbert Spencer by J. Arthur Thomson
  6. As a rule the germ develops into a stalked polyp, out of which the free- swimming Medusa is formed. – The Story of Evolution by Joseph McCabe
  7. Some primitive animal abandoned the worm- like habit, and attached itself, like a polyp, to the floor. – The Story of Evolution by Joseph McCabe
  8. Isn't he a kind of sponge of the polyp order, overlooked by naturalists, which should be carefully squeezed before he is left for his heirs to feed upon? – The Magic Skin by Honore de Balzac