Usage examples for Polemics

  1. Thus they appear as a force which resists new formations; and as this resistance shows itself through the spoken word, through writing, through intolerance, through polemics, through persecution, so the struggle between the new and the old social conditions takes on the form of a struggle between ideas. – Essays on the Materialistic Conception of History by Antonio Labriola
  2. The cultivation of his mind by an incessant devotion to the best reading, and his domestic life, took too much of his attention for him to give to politics more than a very small part of his energies; the very journal, the management of which he had taken hold of with enthusiasm, began to bore him; the everlasting polemics, the disgusting phraseology of the leaders, soon wearied him, and he longed for the time to come when he could resign his position, and give himself altogether to more serious and useful labors. – Maximina by Armando Palacio Valdés
  3. This writing has thus taken the form either of discourses of the older kind, maintained in existence by endowment or by old prescription, such as the Bampton Lectures, or of rather popular polemics, or of what may be called without disrespect theological journalism of various kinds. – A History of Nineteenth Century Literature (1780-1895) by George Saintsbury
  4. He had a fine capacity and fine scholarship: and was as adroit in polemics as Richelieu was in politics. – A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany, Volume Two by Thomas Frognall Dibdin
  5. He was a whole man, who; while with his polemics waging destructive battle against the old, at the same time created something newer and better. – The Prose Writings of Heinrich Heine by Heinrich Heine
  6. It contains, within a circuit of 750 miles, 66 secure harbours, and presents a western frontier against Great Britain, reaching from the Firth of Clyde north to the Bristol Channel south, and varying in distance from 20 to 100 miles; so that the subjugation of Ireland would compel us to guard with ships and soldiers a new line of coast, certainly amounting, with all its sinuosities, to more than 700 miles- an addition of polemics, in our present state of hostility with all the world, which must highly gratify the vigorists and give them an ample opportunity of displaying that foolish energy upon which their claims to distinction are founded. – Sydney Smith by George W. E. Russell
  7. It may be fascinating polemics to taunt the Church of Rome with being " always the same." – The Life of Froude by Herbert Paul
  8. They were also the months of the duel between Mr. Smillie and the Dukes, the discovery of oil in Derbyshire, the privileged excursion into War polemics of Lord French, unrest in Egypt, renewed trouble with the police, and a shortage of beer, boots and clothes. – Mr. Punch's History of the Great War by Punch
  9. In the great act of the Reformation their polemics were merely an after- play. – Erasmus and the Age of Reformation by Johan Huizinga
  10. His polemics against the clergy are not attacks upon Christianity, though he contends that religion is subject to growth as well as other things. – Essays on Scandinavian Literature by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen
  11. " I didn't come here to talk polemics," said Mr. Fielding, turning away abruptly, and sitting down. – May Brooke by Anna H. Dorsey
  12. In company with a Jesuit missionary he gathered about him a number of native boys and conducted a practical school on the German plan, at the same time indulging in religious polemics with his Jesuit acquaintances by correspondence and working fitfully on some compositions which were never completed, noteworthy among them being a study in English of the Tagalog verb. – The Social Cancer A Complete English Version of Noli Me Tangere by José Rizal
  13. This it is that makes the reading of the sixteenth- century polemics so insufferably jejune and dreary. – German Culture Past and Present by Ernest Belfort Bax
  14. I have never poked my nose into literature or politics; I have never sought popularity in polemics with the ignorant; I have never made speeches either at public dinners or at the funerals of my friends.... – The Wife and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov
  15. It was extemporaneous, but faultless in manner and matter; it was charged with the spirit of patriotism, and it will bear comparison with anything in the annals of American polemics. – The Life of Lyman Trumbull by Horace White