Usage examples for plus

  1. Better products than anyone else could produce, plus expert, personal, whole- hearted service, built that good will. – Pratt's Practical Pointers on the Care of Livestock and Poultry by Pratt Food Co.
  2. It thus became news plus suspense. – H. R. by Edwin Lefevre
  3. The cost o' the goods is no the bare invoice price, but the cost plus the cost o' selling. – Dawson Black: Retail Merchant by Harold Whitehead
  4. The numerical measure of value is the ratio of the points of resemblance to the points of difference plus the unknown points. – Logic, Inductive and Deductive by William Minto
  5. The French say that a woman should be half a man's age plus seven years. – The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come by John Fox
  6. " Four thousand years plus," nodded Jerry. – The Giants From Outer Space by Geoff St. Reynard
  7. His high responsibility might well rate high his pay within the limits the traffic will bear; but the same responsibility, plus governmental protection, may justly deny him and his associates a withdrawal from service without a warning or under circumstances which involve the paralysis of necessary transportation. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  8. You are the limit, plus! – The Desire of the Moth; and The Come On by Eugene Manlove Rhodes
  9. And again, to the contrary, Tabitha insisted with growing fervour that the servant was a gentleman, possessed of all the qualities that word implied, plus the most desirable attribute of all others to eighteenth- century maidens, a romantic possibility. – Janice Meredith by Paul Leicester Ford
  10. " Of course I'm a brute, n'en parlons plus," said the girl. – The-Chaperon by James, Henry
  11. " Plus anything else that looks interesting, including the occupants," Rick added. – The Flying Stingaree by Harold Leland Goodwin
  12. For a doctorate in medicine from Oxford or Cambridge, five more years plus two years of practice were required. – Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed. by S. A. Reilly
  13. I knew the sum eighty thousand, from my personal investment of forty thousand, was due on October fifteenth; this, plus the twenty thousand due from the Wall Street deal, would insure the syndicate from any loss. – Flamsted quarries by Mary E. Waller
  14. Doesn't he combine all my good qualities plus yours? – Paste Jewels by John Kendrick Bangs
  15. " Vitamin 75 Plus;" and " Formula 2" from Now Natural Foods are also good and less costly. – How and When to Be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon
  16. The hand that holds the purse strings is the hand that rules,- if it knows how to rule; for rule is power plus ability. – The Plum Tree by David Graham Phillips
  17. Pituito- adrenal plus pituito- adrenal of his heredity should make two pituito- adrenals according to elementary arithmetic and the rule of three. – The Glands Regulating Personality by Louis Berman, M.D.