Quotes of plow

  1. Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead. – Les Brown
  2. As a writer, you can't allow yourself the luxury of being discouraged and giving up when you are rejected, either by agents or publishers. You absolutely must plow forward. – Augusten Burroughs
  3. Someday we'll look back on this moment and plow into a parked car. – Evan Davis
  4. But, on the other hand, if Schubert were alive today, he would find even richer fields to plow – Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
  5. Within each individual young person you meet, you have the same fields to plow The trick is just to wake thmem up, to sharpen their ears for what's already there in the music. – Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
  6. Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you're a thousand miles from the corn field. – Dwight D. Eisenhower
  7. Sometimes you got to hurt something to help something. Sometimes you have to plow under one thing in order for something else to grow. – Ernest Gaines
  8. It's life isn't it? You plow ahead and make a hit. And you plow on and someone passes you. Then someone passes them. Time levels. – Katharine Hepburn
  9. In times of great stress or adversity, it's always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive. – Lee Iacocca
  10. There's something about taking a plow and breaking new ground. It gives you energy. – Ken Kesey
  11. You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead. – George Lucas
  12. She's true to herself and she's determined. She has things going against her, but she forges ahead despite all of that. I think that's encouraging. She's got some problems, but she has hope and tries to plow through things. I think that's a good role model. – Molly Shannon
  13. Strip the proud nobility of their bloated estates, reduce them to a level with plain republicans, send forth to labor, and teach their children to enter the workshops or handle the plow and you will thus humble proud traitors. – Thaddeus Stevens

Usage examples for plow

  1. " Now, then, little lady," said the vice president, " 'ere's your Band of 'Ope, a- panting to set its 'and to the plow – Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas by Lloyd Osbourne
  2. Soon the husbandman will plow and sow and reap a rich reward in yellow golden grain. – Poems of James McIntyre by James McIntyre
  3. And maybe I'll let Warren plow with the horses. – Rainbow Hill by Josephine Lawrence
  4. The moldboard on the 1838 plow is from . – John Deere's Steel Plow by Edward C. Kendall
  5. As we approached, she stopped the plow and pleasantly returned our greeting. – Equality by Edward Bellamy
  6. Here and there were rusty, copper- colored fields, where the plow had just furrowed the surface. – Cathedrals of Spain by John A. (John Allyne) Gade
  7. I know she will coax you out of leaving her side long enough to plow a corn row if you are not careful. – A Forest Hearth: A Romance of Indiana in the Thirties by Charles Major
  8. The sod was heavy, and with the great growth of grass it took all the strength of man and teams, four to six horses hitched to a plow to turn it. – Land of the Burnt Thigh by Edith Eudora Kohl
  9. Where will we find behind the plow Or in the harvest field at toil Another youth, sweet bard, like thou, Could draw the tear or raise the smile. – Poems of James McIntyre by James McIntyre
  10. But crops were necessary too, and every day at two o'clock Joe had stopped all other work so he could plow – The Lost Wagon by James Arthur Kjelgaard
  11. An automobile has its limits and is more or less impotent in more than two feet of snow on a road unbroken by a powerful plow – If You're Going to Live in the Country by Thomas H. Ormsbee and Richmond Huntley
  12. I plant my orchard to corn for ten years, using a plow and harrow; think a disc would be as good. – The Apple by Various
  13. Plow would I looked at my mother- in- law's funeral with a white night gown on and my hair braided down my back with a white ribbin on it? – Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife by Marietta Holley
  14. The settler pushed onward, plodding, as it were, behind his plow with a rifle. – The Spirit of the Border A Romance of the Early Settlers in the Ohio Valley by Zane Grey
  15. I cultivate with a diamond plow up to bearing age. – The Apple by Various
  16. The old plow horses plunged feebly, then lowered their heads in native dejection, while the Brocks shrieked, root and branch. – A Circuit Rider's Wife by Corra Harris
  17. I saw a farmer plow his land who never came to sow; I saw a student filled with truth to practice never go; In land or mind I never saw the ripened harvest grow. – Poems with Power to Strengthen the Soul by Various
  18. If he was trying to plow I think I can do that, too. – The Squatter and the Don by C. Loyal
  19. Then I will help you plow – The Chinese Fairy Book by Various
  20. " I'd- I'd have to plow new ground," she went on. – The Plow-Woman by Eleanor Gates

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