Definitions of pleading

  1. ( law) The statements of the two parties in a lawsuit.
  2. The act of advocating, defending, or supporting, a cause by arguments.
  3. Act of supporting by arguments.
  4. Act of a pleader, who supports by arguments; argument in a suit.
  6. expressing earnest entreaty; " the appealing and frightened look worn by an injured dog"; " she holds out her hand for money, importunate, insistent"; " a pleading note in her voice"
  7. A statement of the plaintiff's case or the defendant's defense, set out in generally accepted legal language and format. Today, in many states, the need to plead a case by drafting legal jargon -- or borrowing from a legal form book -- and printing it on numbered legal paper has been replaced by the use of pre- printed forms. In this case, creating a proper pleading consists principally of checking the correct boxes and filling in the requested information.
  8. Imploring.