Definitions of plantation

  1. garden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth
  2. an estate where cash crops are grown on a large scale ( especially in tropical areas)
  3. a newly established colony ( especially in the colonization of North America); " the practice of sending convicted criminals to serve on the Plantations was common in the 17th century"
  4. The act or practice of planting, or setting in the earth for growth.
  5. The place planted; land brought under cultivation; a piece of ground planted with trees or useful plants; esp., in the United States and West Indies, a large estate appropriated to the production of the more important crops, and cultivated by laborers who live on the estate; as, a cotton plantation; a coffee plantation.
  6. An original settlement in a new country; a colony.
  7. A place where anything is sowed or set in the ground and cultivated; as, a plantation of trees; a large estate where cotton, sugar, etc., are cultivated; a new settlement or colony.
  8. A place planted: in this country a large estate: a colony: introduction.
  9. Act of planting; a place planted with trees; cultivated estate.
  10. A large farm.
  11. The act of planting; a place planted.
  12. The act of planting; the place planted; a large cultivated estate; a new settlement; a colony; introduction.
  13. A portion of land planted with trees for the production of timber and small wood; in W. Indies and U. States, a large estate devoted to the rearing of such crops as sugar- cane, coffee, cotton, tobacco, and pepper; a new colony or original settlement.

Usage examples for plantation

  1. The following morning, Mr. James having gone over the books of the plantation with his manager, the two started back for Port- of- Spain. – Plotting in Pirate Seas by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  2. Then three women came out of a little house half hidden by the plantation – A Journal of Impressions in Belgium by May Sinclair
  3. Outside of the Plantation those dogs caught and ate my future wife, as I have said. – The Mahatma and the Hare by H. Rider Haggard
  4. 1619 67 22. Woodleefe's Plantation c. – The First Seventeen Years: Virginia 1607-1624 by Charles E. Hatch
  5. He is the owner of the plantation – Parrot & Co. by Harold MacGrath
  6. With slow uncertain steps, and leaning heavily upon Lady Angela's arm, I watched him disappear in the blackness of the plantation – The Betrayal by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  7. Singleton's plantation and Mr. Black, with twenty- five hound dogs, was hired to hunt them up. – My Life In The South by Jacob Stroyer
  8. " De only place whar she did go outside de big house was over to Mis' Morgan's, who lived on de nex' plantation – The Other Fellow by F. Hopkinson Smith
  9. This house was situated at one corner of the plantation and had an area before it on which we were seated. – A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Round the World, Volume 1 by James Cook
  10. She brought me here from the plantation – Lady Baltimore by Owen Wister
  11. As soon as she entered the room her eyes fell on that distant beech plantation – Petticoat Rule by Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy
  12. They're headed for the plantation said Bell grimly, and they'll need the grace of The Master by the time they get there. – Astounding Stories of Super-Science July 1930 by Various
  13. By hanging about in the plantation – The Hunt Ball Mystery by Magnay, William
  14. And then she held her breath, and walking swiftly away, passing so close to her that she could look into his white, strained face, Sir Allan Beaumerville strode down the garden, and disappeared in the shadows of the plantation – The New Tenant by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  15. We have to start a plantation in the solid bush, manage all our complicated business, receive furniture and guests- and all the while trying madly to get the house in order and feed our family. – The Life of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson by Nellie Van de Grift Sanchez
  16. I passed right by your father's plantation and finding out who he was, and being a trifle hungry besides, I dropped in and invited myself to dinner with him and your mother. – Rodney The Partisan by Harry Castlemon
  17. He was changed from himself, seized and driven by the fear that had possessed the men in the plantation – The Romantic by May Sinclair
  18. Only an hour ago I lay upon the turf in the plantation there, and I heard a man moaning down in the store- room. – Jeanne of the Marshes by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  19. I have been forbidden to work, and have been instead doing my two or three hours in the plantation every morning. – Vailima-Letters by Stevenson, Robert Louis
  20. There was just a chance that she had not yet left the plantation – Ralestone Luck by Andre Norton