Definitions of picturesquely

  1. in a picturesque manner; " in the building trade such a trader is picturesquely described as a ` brass plate' merchant"

Usage examples for picturesquely

  1. This afternoon they had rambled through the woods, where the hard, smooth road wound picturesquely through the places in which it had been easiest to make a road, and where the great trunks of the trees were partly covered by clinging vines, which Miss Roberta knew to be either Virginia creeper or poison oak, although she did not remember which of these had clusters of five leaves, and which of three. – The Late Mrs. Null by Frank Richard Stockton
  2. Was ever burn so naturally, yet picturesquely described? – Robert Burns by Principal Shairp
  3. With a feminine attention to detail, and a quick perception of salient characteristics, Miss Burney described the world about her so faithfully and picturesquely as to deserve the thanks of every student of social history. – A History of English Prose Fiction by Bayard Tuckerman
  4. Corliss described picturesquely the difficulties of this enterprise, the hardships and disappointments; how they dragged the big tools over the mountains by mule power; how they had kept it all secret; how he and Moliterno had done everything with the help of peasant labourers and one experienced man, who had " seen service in the Persian oil- fields." – The Flirt by Booth Tarkington
  5. He was a tall, stalwart fellow, picturesquely attired in an overcoat not unlike our present unsightly ulster in shape, but made of a blanket which had been woven in imitation of numerous rainbows. – Campaigning with Crook and Stories of Army Life by Charles King