Usage examples for pi

  1. As he talked to himself, he thought he heard sounds of pipes and drums coming from a distance: pi- pi- pi, pi- pi- pi. – The Adventures of Pinocchio by C. Collodi--Pseudonym of Carlo Lorenzini
  2. As for the second question, the ratio of the diameter of a circle to its circumference we call pi; and though we cannot express this ratio in exact numbers, we can get sufficiently near to it for all practical purposes. – Amusements in Mathematics by Henry Ernest Dudeney
  3. I'm awaiting my next swishing for upsetting my cup at breakfast in your defence, so I hardly think I deserve any pi- jaw from you, do I? – The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell
  4. Eu pi hate; Crow - pi hate. – The Dakotan Languages, and Their Relations to Other Languages by Andrew Woods Williamson
  5. As that was Sunday we spent the morning " pi- rooting" about the place. – The Prairie Wife by Arthur Stringer
  6. Your initials are not euphonious: they recall that brainy song of my boyhood, U- pi- dee. – Gilbert Keith Chesterton by Maisie Ward
  7. Well, we have been making this " pi" for a hundred years; it seems to be a national dish in considerable favor with the rest of the world- even such ancient nations as China and Japan want a piece of it. – The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner by Charles Dudley Warner
  8. He wrote again in the sand: " pi 3. 14159265...." – Eight Keys to Eden by Mark Irvin Clifton
  9. Because, to find the area of the surface of a sphere we multiply the square of the diameter by pi; to find the volume of a sphere we multiply the cube of the diameter by one- sixth of pi. – Amusements in Mathematics by Henry Ernest Dudeney
  10. If you like we will tell you what pi is. – Frenzied Fiction by Stephen Leacock
  11. The cavalcade was increased during the afternoon by the addition to our numbers of a dog- a distinctly ugly, red- haired native sort of dog, commonly called a pi- dog. – A Holiday in the Happy Valley with Pen and Pencil by T. R. Swinburne
  12. I thought it must have come from the bake- shop where they do all the other pi. – The Dominant Strain by Anna Chapin Ray
  13. Certainly it was a very tough duck, but still, I do not think a pi- dog should he so fastidious. – A Holiday in the Happy Valley with Pen and Pencil by T. R. Swinburne
  14. Think of going once to the Pi Ute spread- or whatever it is! – The Landlord at Lion's Head, Complete by William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009
  15. When the- pi ague breaks out she has scope for her fancy, and she certainly adds vivid pictures of horror and pathos to a subject which has been handled by masters of thought at different periods. – Mrs. Shelley by Lucy M. Rossetti
  16. They do say that he was talking to Miss Walker about one of the faculty pews, and he said: 'Do you occupew this pi? – Molly Brown's Sophomore Days by Nell Speed
  17. From out the clamor Eveley could distinguish repeated hoarse roars of " Pi- i- i- i- tcher," " Pi- i- i- i- tcher," " Ca- a- a- a- a- atcher," " Ca- a- a- a- atcher," and she retired to a remote spot to await the proper moment for gathering up the remains. – Eve to the Rescue by Ethel Hueston
  18. Upon the first or eastern mesa are located the three towns of Te- wa, Si- chom- ovi and Wal- pi. – Arizona Sketches by Joseph A. Munk
  19. The ancestor of Pi- Lo nearly destroyed our entire clan by fire. – The Chinese Fairy Book by Various
  20. " I wonder Chip- pi- ti- chip doesn't get tired of that song," said Dot. – Dot and the Kangaroo by Ethel C. Pedley