Quotes of Physicians

  1. Words are the physicians of a mind diseased. – Aeschylus
  2. Our health care system is the finest in the world, but we still have too many uninsured Americans, too high prices for prescription drugs, and too many frivolous lawsuits driving our physicians out of state or out of business. – Judy Biggert
  3. Compared to the United States, physicians in Europe have a much more conservative approach to joint replacement in general. – Allen Boyd
  4. I am dying with the help of too many physicians – Alexander the Great
  5. No organization, whether it's police or physicians or whatever, wants to have its errors held up to the light of day, but it's wrong, as is coming out so well. – William P. Leahy
  6. Men act like brutes in so far as the sequences of their perceptions arise through the principle of memory only, like those empirical physicians who have mere practice without theory. – Gottfried Leibniz
  7. The best physicians are Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, and Dr. Merryman. – Daniel D. Palmer
  8. Those whose suffering is due to love are, as we say of certain invalids, their own physicians – Marcel Proust
  9. The physicians of one class feel the patients and go away, merely prescribing medicine. As they leave the room they simply ask the patient to take the medicine. They are the poorest class of physicians – Ramakrishna
  10. Requiring military hospitals to perform elective abortions exposes the physicians the nurses, the military personnel to move against their own personal convictions of life in many cases. – Rick Renzi
  11. In turn, more physicians hospitals, and other health care providers are severely limiting their practices, moving to other states, or simply not providing care. – Jim Ryun
  12. I would say to young physicians that the more you intentionally improve the lives of the people in the community you serve the better your life will be and the greater your value will be to the community. – Samuel Wilson

Usage examples for Physicians

  1. All the best physicians were called in, but they all said the case was quite beyond them. – Story of My Life, volumes 1-3 by Augustus J. C. Hare
  2. They are necessary in order to produce Chinese physicians and surgeons who will reach the European level, because a good knowledge of some European language is necessary for medicine as for other kinds of European learning. – The Problem of China by Bertrand Russell
  3. And as little need is there of physicians – Moon Lore by Timothy Harley
  4. The " case" which, unexpectedly presented to her by one of the Hope Hospital physicians had detained Justine at Hanaford during the month of June, was the means of establishing a friendship between herself and Amherst. – The Fruit of the Tree by Edith Wharton
  5. Physicians were found and rest taken. – Foes by Mary Johnston
  6. To Sancho it seemed a terrible injustice that physicians should be paid even if their patients died, and here he had brought back a human being from the dead, and was being rewarded in this ungrateful manner! – The Story of Don Quixote by Arvid Paulson, Clayton Edwards, and Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
  7. What do your physicians say? – Marguerite de Valois by Alexandre Dumas
  8. Both the physicians rose as Peter came in, and he knew that they had been told that this was the man whose wife had been killed that day. – Sisters by Kathleen Norris
  9. The work of physicians and nurses seems to be more often that of protection against disease than that of achievement of health; and the distinction, though at first sight it may seem a fine one, is nevertheless radical. – A Man of the World by Annie Payson Call
  10. Unfortunately, however, many persons are invalids at forty as well as physicians – The Pleasures of Life by Sir John Lubbock
  11. The physicians have said so. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  12. But I was speaking of my physicians – Remarks by Bill Nye
  13. Surgeons and physicians hurried to the room only to gaze upon his corpse. – Henry IV, Makers of History by John S. C. Abbott
  14. Two years after he commenced practice he was reduced very low by a fever and given up by his attending physicians – Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution by L. Carroll Judson
  15. And was that the reason you called in two neighboring physicians to view the body before it was removed from the house? – That Affair Next Door by Anna Katharine Green
  16. It was half past ten, and the physicians were still sitting together. – Atlantis by Gerhart Hauptmann
  17. Many physicians and learned men have been questioned as to its cause. – The Moghul by Thomas Hoover
  18. The physicians gave her hope that the child would recover; he seemed better in the air of London than on his estate, which lay low in a little valley in Devonshire. – Stories and Legends of Travel and History, for Children by Grace Greenwood
  19. The physicians strongly urged him to return to England at once. – William Pitt and the Great War by John Holland Rose
  20. Therefore, when the physicians had satisfied themselves that life had really left him, a large vein was severed, to make assurance doubly sure. – William Hickling Prescott by Harry Thurston Peck

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