Definitions of Pertaining

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Usage examples for Pertaining

  1. I am persuaded that all candid minds, making due allowance for the imperfection pertaining to human associations, will feel their confidence in the future integrity of that committee increased in proportion as they closely investigate their past acts; and that, even when the wisdom of their course may have been questioned, they will accord to them a scrupulous honesty of purpose. – A Visit To The United States In 1841 by Joseph Sturge
  2. Train your common- sense and let the windy analysis pertaining to problems alone. – Senator North by Gertrude Atherton
  3. As the Negro becomes an international problem, no single section of a country can be entrusted with the administration of matters pertaining to him. – Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights by Kelly Miller
  4. This is by far the most important of all the requisites pertaining to hotel housekeeping. – Guide to Hotel Housekeeping by Mary E. Palmer
  5. At such times, with the principal, Mr. Fernald, presiding at the end of the long table and all members of the faculty able to attend ranged on either side, all and sundry matters pertaining to the government of the school came up for discussion. – Left Guard Gilbert by Ralph Henry Barbour