Usage examples for personnel

  1. Perplexed and indignant, Clarence again closely questioned her as to the personnel of the trespassing party who had been seen once or twice since passing over the field. – Susy, A Story of the Plains by Bret Harte
  2. Certainly no expedition ever left our shores with a more ambitious scientific programme, nor was any enterprise of this description ever undertaken by a more enthusiastic and determined personnel. – South with Scott by Edward R. G. R. Evans
  3. He wanted to keep the errors of personnel under his command- and his own- in the family. – Attrition by Jim Wannamaker
  4. Aside from the President, however, the two bodies, in personnel, are identical. – The Governments of Europe by Frederic Austin Ogg
  5. The Americans, however, had gained the position, and after a battle which had been long and serious enough to test thoroughly the quality of the personnel of the army. – The Path of Empire A Chronicle of the United States as a World Power, Volume 46 in The Chronicles of America Series by Carl Russell Fish
  6. But England began the war with 150. Thus even if the French and Spanish personnel had been as well trained and as energetic as the British they would have had a superior force to contend with, particularly as the allied fleet was divided between the ports of Spain and France, and under dual command. – A History of Sea Power by William Oliver Stevens and Allan Westcott
  7. Seven- All civil and military personnel at present employed on them shall remain. – Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights by Kelly Miller
  8. We filled up forms with countless details of our equipment and personnel, which we knew would delight the heart of the Round Game Department. – The First Hundred Thousand by Ian Hay
  9. Egotistical predeterminations, however artfully intruded, are, alien to the full result, the unity which is finally craved: Stevenson fails, when he does fail, distinctly from excess of egotistic regards; he is, as Henley has said, in the French sense, too personnel, and cannot escape from it. – Robert Louis Stevenson a Record, an Estimate, and a Memorial by Alexander H. Japp
  10. Instances are not wanting when judges have been appointed and elected because of their views upon certain questions, and when with the changes of the personnel of the court, its final decisions have been reversed, thus making the supreme law of the land depend upon the election or appointment of one man to the bench. – Monopolies and the People by D. C. Cloud
  11. You understand, of course, that I consider navigation essentially a naval function, and it does seem to me that any ship, including a spaceship, should be manned by naval personnel. – Space Tug by Murray Leinster
  12. But they meant, no doubt, a complete change in the administration and personnel of the estate. – The Mating of Lydia by Mrs. Humphry Ward