Usage examples for perforce

  1. The dead, however, have perforce to accept much affection which they scornfully refused in life. – From One Generation to Another by Henry Seton Merriman
  2. This is the point I wish to make;- From all the wives for whom I grieve, Whose lives I had perforce to take, Not one complaint did I receive; And no expense was spared to please My spouses at their obsequies. – Verse and Worse by Harry Graham
  3. Very reluctantly I released her, on our returning to the house; for she, perforce hurried off to Madame's room, leaving me looking after her in a state of delightful bewilderment, the significance of which I could not disguise from myself. – Bat Wing by Sax Rohmer
  4. For the first time she must perforce recognize what hitherto she had preferred not to see: what now she was determined not to know. – The Testing of Diana Mallory by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  5. Bee, with the craft of a fox, offered to sit riding backward with Jimmie, knowing that she must thus perforce be face to face with the horsemen. – Abroad with the Jimmies by Lilian Bell
  6. After Whitefoot's death Stair had perforce to tell everything to Patsy. – Patsy by S. R. Crockett
  7. How she hated him for his honesty to her; for now perforce she must look up to him. – The Puppet Crown by Harold MacGrath
  8. It must, perforce be built upon the hill. – The White Squaw by Mayne Reid
  9. To reach their villages they will perforce travel the same route as the Onondaga expedition. – The Grey Cloak by Harold MacGrath
  10. Our meals were perforce simple, and when we had finished and the few dishes were cleared away I looked at my watch. – Neighbours by Robert Stead
  11. Many things we had perforce to leave to chance, and I thought, during this alarm, of men just operated on, and plunged in the stupor of the chloroform, whom we should have to allow to wake, and then mask them immediately, or... – The New Book Of Martyrs by Georges Duhamel
  12. She trilled out a laugh and her aunt had, perforce to smile. – Bandit Love by Juanita Savage
  13. Joseph perforce accepted the command of a regiment, and at thirty- six years of age began to learn drill near Boulogne. – The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2) by John Holland Rose
  14. In that moment Juliette saw what is given to few to see and realise- though sailors, perforce lie down to sleep knowing it every night- that under Heaven her life was wholly and solely in the two hands of a fellow- being. – The Last Hope by Henry Seton Merriman
  15. And while Mrs. Constable had not, as she perceived, shaken his conviction, the very vividness and unexpectedness of a confession from her- had stirred him to the marrow, had opened doors, perforce which he, himself had marked forbidden, and given him a glimpse beyond before he could lower his eyes. – The Inside of the Cup, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009
  16. My companions having received these small sums, became affectionate and eloquent in my praise: they asked me to make one of their number at meals for the future, overwhelmed me with questions, insisted upon a present of sweetmeats, detected in me a great man under a cloud,- perhaps my claims to being a Darwaysh assisted them to this discovery,- and declared that I should perforce be their guest at Meccah and Al- Madinah. – Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah by Sir Richard Francis Burton
  17. To enter on and retain his office he must perforce submit to Church authority. – Through Five Republics on Horseback by G. Whitfield Ray
  18. " We're going to try a little trick," said Dent, and Jack perforce had to sit still. – Jack Haydon's Quest by John Finnemore
  19. They had said they were tired and now they must go to bed perforce – Sunny Slopes by Ethel Hueston
  20. This, perforce checked its headlong career, and the Malay drew it in to a walk. – Jack Haydon's Quest by John Finnemore