Usage examples for perfectly

  1. They are perfectly dreadful. – Her Weight in Gold by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. I understand that perfectly well! – Cruel As The Grave by Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth
  3. Oh girls, doesn't it look perfectly wonderful! – The Merriweather Girls and the Mystery of the Queen's Fan by Lizette M. Edholm
  4. You are perfectly sure you mean it? – Shelled by an Unseen Foe by James Fiske
  5. Yes- but isn't he perfectly sweet? – The Dark Flower by John Galsworthy
  6. Not at all; she is perfectly well. – Maximina by Armando Palacio Valdés
  7. Yes, madame; yes, I hear you perfectly. – San-Cravate; or, The Messengers; Little Streams by Charles Paul de Kock
  8. " I don't understand you, Mr. Gage," she said, looking at the same time as though she understood him perfectly. – A Poached Peerage by William Magnay
  9. And I am perfectly satisfied. – In Luck at Last by Walter Besant
  10. " Oh, Joel, don't wish such perfectly dreadful things," said Polly. – The Adventures of Joel Pepper by Margaret Sidney
  11. He had perfectly understood what was said. – On the Banks of the Amazon by W.H.G. Kingston
  12. " Perfectly," broke in Lysbeth. – Lysbeth A Tale Of The Dutch by H. Rider Haggard
  13. She was perfectly hard and perfectly cold. – The Adventure of Living by John St. Loe Strachey
  14. He is perfectly at home there. – Since Cézanne by Clive Bell
  15. I believe in you perfectly. – Entire PG Edition of The Works of William Dean Howells by William Dean Howells
  16. He understood everything now perfectly. – The Mirror of the Sea by Joseph Conrad
  17. I shall need no other help- I'm perfectly at home. – Desert Dust by Edwin L. Sabin
  18. She thought this a perfectly safe thing to say. – Bird of Paradise by Ada Leverson
  19. The story of little Archie Wyndham is perfectly true. – The Hero of Garside School by J. Harwood Panting
  20. It is perfectly safe here. – Idle Hour Stories by Eugenia Dunlap Potts