Definitions of percussion

  1. the act of playing drums; " he practiced his drumming several hours every day"
  2. tapping a part of the body for diagnostic purposes
  3. The act of percussing, or striking one body against another; forcible collision, esp. such as gives a sound or report.
  4. Hence: The effect of violent collision; vibratory shock; impression of sound on the ear.
  5. The act of tapping or striking the surface of the body in order to learn the condition of the parts beneath by the sound emitted or the sensation imparted to the fingers. Percussion is said to be immediate if the blow is directly upon the body; if some interventing substance, as a pleximeter, is, used, it is called mediate.
  6. Violent collision, or meeting; shock produced by the violent meeting of bodies; impression of sound on the ear.
  7. The striking of one body against another: collision, or the shock produced by it: impression of sound on the ear: ( med.) the tapping upon the body to find the condition of an internal organ by the sounds.
  8. Act or effect of striking; stroke; shock.
  9. Sudden collision, or the shock or vibration produced by it.
  10. Collision; the shock produced by collision of bodies; impression of sound on the car. Percussion- cap, a small copper cap, containing fulminating powder, and used in a percussion- lock, to explode gunpowder. Percussion- lock, a gun- lock in which the percussion cap is struck by a hammer.
  11. The effect or impression of sound on the ear; the impression one body makes on another by striking or falling upon it; the act of striking or tapping on the chest, abdomen, & c., that sounds may be produced, by which the condition of the parts may be ascertained.