Usage examples for peculiarly

  1. Wade's voice was of a peculiarly unpenetrating character. – From the Housetops by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. She felt as if he were trying to force his way into a place which regarded as peculiarly sacred, from which in some fashion she owed it to Piers as well as to herself to bar him out. – The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell
  3. It was peculiarly vital, this day of all days, that he should not be much in evidence. – Black Jack by Max Brand
  4. " The social rule in that respect seems to me a peculiarly sensible and convenient one," I said. – Recollections of a Varied Life by George Cary Eggleston
  5. If, indeed, the hostess wishes to show particular favour to some peculiarly honoured guests, she may introduce them to others, whose acquaintance she may imagine will be especially suitable and agreeable. – The Book of Household Management by Mrs. Isabella Beeton
  6. That the above statements apply to no particular part of the island, where the negroes are peculiarly favored with intelligence and religion, but are made with reference to tire island generally. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  7. After this, is it necessary to remark that belief depends peculiarly on the motor elements of our organization and not on the intellectual? – Essay on the Creative Imagination by Th. Ribot
  8. They all spoke kindly to Candace, they all kissed her, but she felt much less at ease with them than with their mother, whose peculiarly charming manner seemed to invite confidence from everybody. – A Little Country Girl by Susan Coolidge
  9. She knew that he was a peculiarly just man, and yet she thought that in this he would be unjust. – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  10. Concealed in a woollen sack, with the slender shaft thrust through and through the folds, was a peculiarly long, stout, and sharp hat pin. – The Abandoned Room by Wadsworth Camp
  11. When I want to do one thing and you want me to do another it is I who have to do what you want; and I tell you I don't like it, Captain Niel, and I shall be very cross out walking;" and sweeping past him, on her way to fetch her hat, in that peculiarly graceful fashion which angry women can sometimes assume, she left John to reflect that he never saw a more charming or taking lady in Europe or out of it. – Jess by H. Rider Haggard
  12. The anger in her eyes gave place to a gleam of recognition, and the next moment her lips parted in a peculiarly malicious smile. – A Rogue by Compulsion by Victor Bridges
  13. It is peculiarly fine, you may perceive. – Hildegarde's Harvest by Laura E. Richards
  14. 1353- 4. As a child, Catherine is peculiarly joyous and charming. – Letters of Catherine Benincasa by Catherine Benincasa
  15. Her face and features were large and peculiarly frank in expression; upon her head was a very large hat. – A Dozen Ways Of Love by Lily Dougall
  16. The wage- workers are peculiarly entitled to the protection and the encouragement of the law. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  17. We were a small people, and had not then been blessed by separation; but we were, I think, peculiarly intelligent. – The Fixed Period by Anthony Trollope
  18. But, after all, these are not matters of peculiarly individual interest. – Hegel’s Philosophy of Mind by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
  19. I mean, peculiarly small? – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith