Definitions of pause

  1. To make a short stop or pause.
  2. To cause to stop or rest; - used reflexively.
  3. To make a short stop; wait; hesitate.
  4. To make a pause.
  5. To stop; wait.
  6. To stop; hold back; delay; linger.
  7. cease an action temporarily; " We pause for station identification"; " let's break for lunch"
  8. To stop; to halt; to cease for a time either to speak or act; to deliberate.
  9. a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something
  10. Temporary inaction or waiting; hesitation; suspence; doubt.
  11. In speaking or reading aloud, a brief arrest or suspension of voice, to indicate the limits and relations of sentences and their parts.
  12. In writing and printing, a mark indicating the place and nature of an arrest of voice in reading; a punctuation point; as, teach the pupil to mind the pauses.
  13. A break or paragraph in writing.
  14. A hold. See 4th Hold, 7.
  15. To make a short stop; to cease for a time; to intermit speaking or acting; to stop; to wait; to rest.
  16. To be intermitted; to cease; as, the music pauses.
  17. To hesitate; to hold back; to delay.
  18. To stop in order to consider; hence, to consider; to reflect.
  19. A temporary stop or rest; a brief ceasing of action; interruption; hesitation; a break in speaking; a break in writing indicated by a punctuation mark; a mark in music over or under a note or rest to show that it is to be prolonged.
  20. A ceasing: a temporary stop: cessation caused by doubt: suspense: a mark for suspending the voice: ( music) a mark showing continuance of a note or rest.
  21. A stop; cessation; suspense.
  22. A cessation or intermission of action.
  23. A holding back; hesitation.
  24. A cessation or intermission in speaking or action; suspense; a break in writing; mark of cessation or intermission of the voice; a rest, thus indicated.
  25. A cessation, intermission, or rest in something, as in labour, reading, speaking, & c.; a cessation proceeding from doubt, suspense, or fear; a stop or rest; a musical sign which indicates that silence is to be prolonged.