Definitions of patient

  1. To compose, to calm.
  2. the semantic role of an entity that is not the agent but is directly involved in or affected by the happening denoted by the verb in the clause
  3. a person who requires medical care; " the number of emergency patients has grown rapidly"
  4. ONe who, or that which, is passively affected; a passive recipient.
  5. A person under medical or surgical treatment; - correlative to physician or nurse.
  6. One under the care of a doctor.
  7. One who bears or suffers: a person under medical treatment.
  8. A sufferer; one under medical treatment.
  9. A person under treatment for disease or injury.
  10. A sick person; one labouring under some bodily disease and under professional treatment.
  11. enduring without protest or complaint
  12. Having the quality of enduring; physically able to suffer or bear.
  13. Undergoing pains, trails, or the like, without murmuring or fretfulness; bearing up with equanimity against trouble; long- suffering.
  14. Constant in pursuit or exertion; persevering; calmly diligent; as, patient endeavor.
  15. Expectant with calmness, or without discontent; not hasty; not overeager; composed.
  16. Forbearing; long- suffering.
  17. Suffering pain, hardship, affliction, insult, etc., with meekness or calmness; forbearing; untiring in labor; persevering.
  18. Sustaining pain, etc., without repining: not easily provoked: persevering: expecting with calmness.
  19. Sustaining pain, wrong, or toil without complaint; meek; resigned; calmly expectant.
  20. Sustaining pain, afflication, & c., without fretfulness, or with calmness; not easily provoked; persevering; waiting with calmness.
  21. That can suffer or endure calmly; enduring trials without murmuring or discontent; not easily provoked; persevering; calmly diligent; not over- eager or impetuous.