Definitions of patent

  1. To grant by patent; to make the subject of a patent; to secure or protect by patent; as, to patent an invention; to patent public lands.
  2. To grant or secure the sole right to.
  3. To grant or secure by patent.
  4. Manifest or apparent.
  5. Protected by patent.
  6. make open to sight or notice; " His behavior has patented an embarrassing fact about him"
  7. obtain a patent for; " Should I patent this invention?"
  8. To grant or to secure by patent.
  9. To secure by patent.
  10. an official document granting a right or privilege
  11. a document granting an inventor sole rights to an invention
  12. A right granted by the government to make, use, or sell an invention for a certain period; the official paper granting this right; the thing that is so protected.
  13. An official document, open, but sealed at the foot, conferring the sole right for a term of years to the proceeds of an invention.
  14. A government protection securing the exclusive right of making and using an invention; also, any government grant or franchise.
  15. A privilege granted by letters patent, as a title of nobility, or the exclusive right to or property in an invention.
  16. A writ from the Crown conferring a certain exclusive right or privilege, as a title of nobility, or the sole right to a new invention or discovery for a certain time.
  17. ( of a bodily tube or passageway) open; affording free passage; " patent ductus arteriosus"
  18. Open; expanded; evident; apparent; unconcealed; manifest; public; conspicuous.
  19. Appropriated or protected by letters patent; secured by official authority to the exclusive possession, control, and disposal of some person or party; patented; as, a patent right; patent medicines.
  20. Spreading; forming a nearly right angle with the steam or branch; as, a patent leaf.
  21. A letter patent, or letters patent; an official document, issued by a sovereign power, conferring a right or privilege on some person or party.
  22. A writing securing to an invention.
  23. A document making a grant and conveyance of public lands.
  24. The right or privilege conferred by such a document; hence, figuratively, a right, privilege, or license of the nature of a patent.
  25. A legal monopoly, granted by the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office ( PTO), for the use, manufacture and sale of an invention. Patents on useful devices, called utility patents, last for 20 years from the date the patent application was filed. Design patents last for 14 years from the date issued. And plant patents last for 17 years from the date issued.
  26. Open to public perusal; - said of a document conferring some right or privilege; as, letters patent. See Letters patent, under 3d Letter.
  27. Apparent; evident; plain; as, the truth was patent to all; open to public view: said especially of an official paper which grants a privilege; as, letters patent; secured by government protection; as, a patent lock.
  28. Patentable.
  29. Open: conspicuous: public: protected by a patent: ( bot.) expanding.
  30. Open; manifest; protected by a patent.
  31. Open; spreading; evident; open to the perusal of all; secured by patent.
  32. Spreading widely; expanded.