Usage examples for Parents

  1. The children go home and tell their parents that they don't have to obey them. – A Stake in the Land by Peter Alexander Speek
  2. When his parents returned, he tried to make them understand how a strange thing had come into the house, and run, and jumped, and made a noise. – Isaac T. Hopper by L. Maria Child
  3. But, my dear, a son does not belong to his parents. – Dr. Adriaan by Louis Couperus
  4. To her parents, I suppose. – The End of a Coil by Susan Warner
  5. I've heard you say children owe nothing to their parents, that parents owe everything to the children. – The Second Generation by David Graham Phillips
  6. She could not help wondering what sort of people his parents were and what his home life was. – The High Calling by Charles M. Sheldon
  7. " That is what my parents say," he answered, with a grave, sweet smile; " and though I have little hope, I know that nothing is too hard for the Lord, and am more than willing to leave it in His hands." – Elsie's Womanhood by Martha Finley
  8. We might have been married, but- I forget why- our parents wouldn't consent. – L'Assommoir by Emile Zola
  9. And, like all parents, she was asking herself: " What did I do wrong?" – Unwise Child by Gordon Randall Garrett
  10. They could say 'papa' and 'mamma, ' and when they went to a dance they never lost sight of their parents. – Renée Mauperin by Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt
  11. Perhaps my parents were like those wretches. – Garrick's Pupil by Auguston Filon
  12. This astonished their parents very much, because they had always thought it was so nice for the children to have dear Miss Hervey's to go to. – The Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit
  13. The movement interested the parents scarcely less than the child. – The Lost Trail by Edward S. Ellis
  14. I promised your parents I would not. – Furze the Cruel by John Trevena
  15. I might have said of G. G., in the very beginning, that he was born of poor and honest parents. – IT and Other Stories by Gouverneur Morris
  16. Many of them seem determined not only to wound the feelings of the parents in the most cruel manner but also to ruin themselves. – Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions by Slason Thompson