Definitions of palm

  1. To handle.
  2. To manipulate with, or conceal in, the palm of the hand; to juggle.
  3. To impose by fraud, as by sleight of hand; to put by unfair means; - usually with off.
  4. To grease the palm of; to bribe or tip.
  5. To conceal in the closed hand, as in a sleight- of- hand trick; impose by fraud: With off; as, to palm off inferior goods on a purchaser.
  6. To stroke with the palm or hand: to conceal in the palm of the hand: ( esp. with off) to impose by fraud.
  7. To impose by fraud.
  8. To hide in the hand.
  9. To impose fraudulently; with off.
  10. To conceal in the palm of the hand; to impose by fraud; to handle; to stroke with the hand.
  11. To touch with the hand; to conceal in or by the palm of the hand; to impose by fraud, usually followed by off, as, to palm off; to stroke with the hand.
  12. an award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event
  13. any plant of the family Palmae having an unbranched trunk crowned by large pinnate or palmate leaves
  14. touch, lift, or hold with the hands; " Don't handle the merchandise"
  15. The inner and somewhat concave part of the hand between the bases of the fingers and the wrist.
  16. The flat inner face of an anchor fluke.
  17. Any endogenous tree of the order Palmae or Palmaceae; a palm tree.
  18. A branch or leaf of the palm, anciently borne or worn as a symbol of victory or rejoicing.
  19. Any symbol or token of superiority, success, or triumph; also, victory; triumph; supremacy.
  20. A lineal measure equal either to the breadth of the hand or to its length from the wrist to the ends of the fingers; a hand; - used in measuring a horse's height.
  21. A metallic disk, attached to a strap, and worn the palm of the hand, - used to push the needle through the canvas, in sewing sails, etc.
  22. The broad flattened part of an antler, as of a full- grown fallow deer; - so called as resembling the palm of the hand with its protruding fingers.
  23. The hollow inner part of the hand; a measure of length varying from three to four inches; a tropical tree of various species; a branch of the tree used as an emblem of victory or rejoicing.
  24. The inner part of the hand: a tropical branchless tree of many varieties, bearing at the summit large leaves like the palm of the hand, borne in token of victory of rejoicing: ( fig.) triumph or victory.
  25. The hollow inner surface of the hand.
  26. The breadth or the length of the hand.
  27. A tropical tree or shrub having very large leaves.
  28. A branch of the palm, as a symbol of victory or joy; hence, supremacy.
  29. The inner part of the hand; a hand's breadth; a lineal measure of 3 or 4 inches; an Eastern plant, the palm- tree, of which there are many important varieties; a palm- branch in token of victory; triumph; victory.
  30. The flat open front of the hand; the broad triangular part of an anchor at the extremlty of each arm; a measure of length of three inches; a sailmaker's thimble, so called from being held in the palm of the hand.
  31. A tree of hot climates of many species, branches of which in some countries were borne as tokens of victory or rejoicing; a symbol or evidence of superiority or success.
  32. The yellow catkin of the willow, the branches of which, from the name, are carried on Easter Sunday to represent the palm- branches of the East.