Definitions of pall

  1. To become vapid or insipid.
  2. To make or become insipid; cloy; satiate.
  3. To cloak.
  4. To make vapid or insipid; to make lifeless or spiritless; to dull; to weaken.
  5. To satiate; to cloy; as, to pall the appetite.
  6. To become distasteful to.
  7. To make vapid or insipid: to dispirit or depress: to cloy.
  8. To become wearisome; lose strength.
  9. To become vapid: to lose strength, life, spirit, or taste.
  10. cause to lose courage; " dashed by the refusal"
  11. lose strength or effectiveness; become or appear boring, insipid, or tiresome ( to); " the course palled on her"
  12. become less interesting or attractive
  13. To cloak; to cover with a pall.
  14. To make vapid or insipid; to make spiritless; to cloy.
  15. To cover or invest.
  16. To cloy; to weaken or impair; to dispirit; to grow vapid; to lose strength or taste.
  17. lose sparkle or bouquet; " wine and beer can pall"
  18. cause surfeit through excess though initially pleasing; " Too much spicy food cloyed his appetite"
  19. cover with a pall
  20. Same as Pawl.
  21. An outer garment; a cloak mantle.
  22. A kind of rich stuff used for garments in the Middle Ages.
  23. Same as Pallium.
  24. A figure resembling the Roman Catholic pallium, or pall, and having the form of the letter Y.
  25. A large cloth, esp., a heavy black cloth, thrown over a coffin at a funeral; sometimes, also, over a tomb.
  26. A piece of cardboard, covered with linen and embroidered on one side; - used to put over the chalice.
  27. A black covering for a coffin, hearse, or tomb; hence, that which causes gloom or great sorrow.
  28. A cloak or mantle: a kind of scarf worn by the Pope, and sent by him to archbishops: the cloth over a coffin at a funeral.
  29. A cloth thrown over a coffin or a tomb.
  30. A cloak; an ecclesiastical mantle; a black cloth to cover a coffin, used at funerals.
  31. To become vapid, tasteless, dull, or insipid; to lose strength, life, spirit, or taste; as, the liquor palls.