Antonyms for pacific

galling, scrappy, agonistic, annoying, unnerving, angry, distressing, offensive, militarist, seditious, quarrelsome, Riling, exasperated, belligerent, wanton, Rankling, bothered, argumentative, barbarous, exasperating, inflamed, controversial, anxious, aggressive, teed off, infuriated, Nettling, explosive, soldierly, irate, shirty, stormy, unsympathetic, martial, narked, incensed, discordant, tense, grim, agitating, Fuming, ferocious, volcanic, bloody-minded, nagging, incensing, hot, Murdering, nettlesome, unpeaceful, fraught, butcherly, inflammatory, bellicose, disturbing, Hopping, disquieting, barbaric, hairy, incendiary, cheesed off, livid, rough, turbulent, vexing, militaristic, Irksome, ballistic, sadistic, wrathful, maddening, violent, sanguineous, outraged, riley, feisty, murderous, vicious, unsettling, angered, irritating, military, convulsive, antipathetic, fell, tumultuous, provoking, militant, antagonistic, polemical, abrasive, foaming, creepy, sore, Brawly, riled, put out, furious, provocative, nerve-racking, sanguinary, indignant, Rankled, ireful, pugnacious, aggravated, steamed up, rabid, savage, inimical, bloodthirsty, irked, chafing, wroth, hot-tempered, worrisome, antagonizing, gladiatorial, infuriate, brute, aggravating, disputatious, vexed, distressful, Chippy, truculent, bang-bang, infuriating, uneasy, frustrating, irritated, peeved, assaultive, steaming, apoplectic, heartless, cyclonic, scunnered, tempestuous, hawkish, warlike, unfriendly, Horn-mad, brutal, engaging, confrontational, blood-and-guts, mad, restless, contentious, fierce, roiled, homicidal, Fiendish, inhospitable, hostile, assertive, Nail Biting, enraged, atrocious, hammer and tongs, bloody, Ticked, choleric, combative, inhumane, sanguine, paroxysmal, cruel, inhuman, nervous, annoyed, galled.

Quotes of pacific

  1. Sometimes I like to play the soundtracks to famous musicals so we can all sing along. South Pacific is one of my favorites. Our neighbors must hate us. – Louise Brown
  2. In this first testing ground of the atomic bomb I have seen the most terrible and frightening desolation in four years of war. It makes a blitzed Pacific island seem like an Eden. The damage is far greater than photographs can show. – Wilfred Burchett
  3. I go to St. Matthews in Pacific Palisades, an Episcopal Church. – Stephen Collins
  4. If I liken the Pacific War to a football match, I can say to you that the first half is over, we have kicked off after the interval, and we are going to carry the ball into enemy territory for a smashing victory. – John Curtin
  5. American future lies in the East. The great free markets of the Pacific Rim are the American destiny. – Donald Freed
  6. V -J Day, or Victory in Japan Day, marks the date of the Japanese surrender that ended fighting in the Pacific – Doc Hastings
  7. I went West and took part in the strike of the machinists- the Southern Pacific Railroad, the corporation that swung California by its golden tail, that controlled its legislature, its farmers, its preachers, its workers. – Mary Harris Jones
  8. As long as the sun rises over Ontario and sets over the Pacific I will dedicate myself to bringing the people of Oregon what they want and need most- an era of hope, change, and economic renewal. – Ted Kulongoski
  9. The Pacific Northwest depends on inexpensive renewable energy from our dams. – Cathy McMorris
  10. We depend on our rivers and dams for energy, transportation, irrigation and recreation and I will continue this year to fight for what's best for the Pacific Northwest. – Cathy McMorris
  11. The public conviction that a railroad linking the West and the East was an absolute necessity became so pronounced after the gold discoveries of '49 that Congress passed an act in 1853 providing for a survey of several lines from the Mississippi to the Pacific – John Moody
  12. In some South Pacific cultures, a speaker holds a conch shell as a symbol of temporary position of authority. Leaders must understand who holds the conch that is, who should be listened to and when. – Max de Pree
  13. Simultaneously with the establishment of the Constitution, Virginia ceded to the United States her domain, which then extended to the Mississippi, and was even claimed to extend to the Pacific Ocean. – William H. Seward
  14. The main American naval forces were shifted to the Pacific region and an American admiral made a strong declaration to the effect that if war were to break out between Japan and the United States, the Japanese navy could be sunk in a matter of weeks. – Hideki Tojo

Usage examples for pacific

  1. The currents of the Atlantic and Pacific would be altered in their directions and amounts. – Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I by Herbert Spencer
  2. The man tore along the streets to the Pacific railway station. – Recalled to Life by Grant Allen
  3. He insisted on walking about the room and getting in the way, and on talking about the Mark Twain books he had read, and the people he had met from time to time who had known Mark Twain on the river, or on the Pacific coast, or elsewhere. – Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens by Albert Bigelow Paine Last Updated: February 20, 2009
  4. Of course, that kind of a woman was bound to be shocked by the more free and easy life of the Pacific Coast. – Emerson's Wife and Other Western Stories Emerson's Wife -- Colonel Kate's Protégée -- The Kid of Apache Teju -- A Blaze on Pard Huff -- How Colonel Kate Won Her Spurs -- Hollyhocks -- The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Johnson Sides -- A Piece of Wreckag by Florence Finch Kelly
  5. The remainder are smaller; mere rocky points sticking up out of the Pacific – Northern California, Oregon, and the Sandwich Islands by Charles Nordhoff
  6. The distance from the Pacific to the Atrato, through the channels mentioned, is only 60 geographical miles. – A General Plan for a Mail Communication by Steam, Between Great Britain and the Eastern and Western Parts of the World by James MacQueen
  7. And how was this to be effected, when the principal posts, the keys of communication with the country, were in the hands of the rebels, while their fleet rode in the Pacific the mistress of its waters, cutting off all approach to the coast? – History-of-the-Conquest-of-Peru-with-a-preliminary-view-of-the-civilization-of-the-Incas by Prescott, William Hickling
  8. Oh, but won't it be grand fun to make a complete tour of the mountains and of all the Pacific coast of Mexico? – Ahead of the Army by W. O. Stoddard
  9. Dunstan was aided in his work by King Edgar the Pacific who, by the way, was himself compelled to go without his crown seven years for violating the chastity of a nun. – A Short History of Monks and Monasteries by Alfred Wesley Wishart
  10. Then, near by, the great Pacific beat eternal measure on silver sands. – The Higher Court by Mary Stewart Daggett
  11. Most of the points here referred to may, however, be seen in Krusenstern's general Atlas of the Pacific – Coral-Reefs by Darwin, Charles
  12. Such a step, and such words, do great honor to the memory of the pacific prince who was at that time bearing the burden of the government of France. – A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times Volume II. of VI. by Francois Pierre Guillaume Guizot
  13. Mrs. Grubb would ask for Atlantic and Pacific and then what would become of her? – Marm Lisa by Kate Douglas Wiggin
  14. " If the Northern Pacific Railroad is ever completed, the land will be valuable," replied the other. – Andy Grant's Pluck by Horatio Alger
  15. Had it not been for that bilious attack of yours you would have been with me, and, in that case, you would have recognised him, and we should have been spared this voyage across the Pacific – A Crime of the Under-seas by Guy Boothby
  16. Roar, roar, great Pacific roar! – The Song of the Exile--A Canadian Epic by Wilfred S. Skeats
  17. We determined that it was our duty, in the first instance, to endeavour to preserve peace if possible for all the world: next, to endeavour to preserve peace between the nations whose pacific relations appeared most particularly exposed to hazard; and failing in this, to preserve at all events peace for this country; but a peace consistent with the good faith, the interests, and the honour of the nation. – Selected-Speeches-on-British-Foreign-Policy-1738-1914 by Jones, Edgar R. (Edgar Rees), Sir
  18. Take the next required fact, that a State has refused to submit a dispute to the procedure for pacific settlement. – The Geneva Protocol by David Hunter Miller
  19. There was none at all across the Pacific – The Canadian Commonwealth by Agnes C. Laut
  20. He talked to her for a few minutes, and then strolled along the beach with Carroll until they could look out upon the Pacific – Vane of the Timberlands by Harold Bindloss