Common misspellings for overhead

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Antonyms for overhead

grade-constructed, subterranean, subterraneous, submerged, opencast, inferior, beneath, aboveground, underwater, lower, submersed, submarine, underground, opencut, undersea, below, subsurface, belowground, nether, under, underneath, surface.

Quotes of overhead

  1. Decreased business base increases overhead So does increased business base. – Norman Ralph Augustine
  2. The world is changing. Networks without a specific branding strategy will be killed. I envision a world of highly niched services and tightly run companies without room for all the overhead the established networks carry. – Barry Diller
  3. When businesses face tough times, one of the first items they cut is overhead expenses. The government should do the same. – Byron Dorgan
  4. She would sit by herself in the middle of the old stoe amphitheatre, with the sky's starry vault overhead and simply listen to the great silence around her. – Michael Ende
  5. From each one of them rose separate columns of smoke, meeting in a pall overhead and through the smoke came stabbing flashes of fire as German shells burst with thudding shocks of sound. This was the front line of battle. – Philip Gibbs
  6. Crime is an overhead you have to pay if you want to live in the city. – George Moscone
  7. As I write, highly civilized human beings are flying overhead trying to kill me. – George Orwell
  8. Oh my goodness gracious, what you can buy off the Internet in terms of overhead photography. A trained ape can know an awful lot of what is going on in this world, just by punching on his mouse, for a relatively modest cost. – Donald Rumsfeld
  9. For live you need a microphone for the snare and the high hat, the kick drum, a nice stereo overhead and one for the toms- you can get away with using four mikes. – Chad Smith
  10. Nothing could ever stop Kiss. I've seen the band in down times where critics were like vultures circling overhead saying things like, 'Well, you know it's the end of your career.' – Paul Stanley
  11. Do you know what the overhead is of the Medicare system? One -point -zero -five percent. Do you know what- private insurance is 30 percent in overhead and profits? Given a choice how I'm going to improve health care, I'm going to take it away from private insurance profits and overhead Wouldn't you? – Anthony D. Weiner
  12. Actually, the camera was never overhead at any time. It was always a side view of me. Subsequently, after the picture was released, I saw some scenes from above and my clothes being pulled -and I think that was added later. – Fay Wray

Usage examples for overhead

  1. We would gladly give up this detail work if some one else could do it, for we make no money on it and barely take care of costs and our necessary overhead – A Stake in the Land by Peter Alexander Speek
  2. “ " Look for yourself," said the captain, pointing overhead – The Second Deluge by Garrett P. Serviss
  3. “ Sheridan had seized the telephone upon Roscoe's desk, and was calling his own office, overhead – The Turmoil A Novel by Booth Tarkington
  4. With the laundry steaming overhead you could almost imagine it was summer. ” – L'Assommoir by Emile Zola
  5. Overhead the sky seemed to be clearing. ” – An Apostate: Nawin of Thais by Steven Sills
  6. “ I turned to Than- Sing, who was awake and listening also, and asked him what he thought could be doing overhead – A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas by Fanny Loviot
  7. “ Sophia lay between blankets in the room overhead with a feverish cold. ” – The Old Wives' Tale by Arnold Bennett
  8. My rooms are almost directly overhead – Bat Wing by Sax Rohmer
  9. Then he continued on, carefully feeling for each step in the dim light of the overhead oil lamps. ” – The Moghul by Thomas Hoover
  10. As they floated slowly downward they heard a sharp explosion overhead – Evil Out of Onzar by Mark Ganes
  11. Even the wind seemed to catch its breath there, and hurry on with a shiver that reached to the telegraph wires overhead – Two Little Knights of Kentucky by Annie Fellows Johnston
  12. They probably were not aware that any one was sleeping in the room overhead – Paddy Finn by W. H. G. Kingston
  13. Try again when the sun is more directly overhead – The BYU Solar Cooker/Cooler by Steven E. Jones
  14. And overhead in her chamber, Sabina was lying stricken and speechless. ” – The Spinners by Eden Phillpotts
  15. The pressure of the water overhead made walking rather difficult, and the boys were strange to the lines they were drawing after them, but they made good progress until they came to the end of the air- hose. ” – Boy Scouts in a Submarine by G. Harvey Ralphson
  16. Don't you hear him walking the floor overhead – The Allen House or Twenty Years Ago and Now by T. S. Arthur
  17. The door closed behind her, and by and by he could hear her moving overhead – Victorian Short Stories by Various
  18. The bright warm sun was overhead in a cloudless sky. ” – The Sisters-In-Law by Gertrude Atherton
  19. There was not the slightest sound overhead – The Roll-Call by Arnold Bennett
  20. Overhead to the right swept the Great Bridge of my childhood. ” – The Harbor by Ernest Poole

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