Quotes of others

  1. This truth is a remedy against spiritual pride, namely, that none should account himself better before God than others though perhaps adorned with greater gifts, and endowments. – Johann Arndt
  2. One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others – Lewis Carroll
  3. If I have any message for others it is to go for help early and not to be a resistant patient. – Patty Duke
  4. To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves. Nothing is often a good thing to say, and always a clever thing to say. – Will Durant
  5. Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others – Wayne Dyer
  6. Unfortunately, my district like many others across the country has a problem with gangs, which is why I introduced this amendment. – Bob Filner
  7. What the United States does best is to understand itself. What it does worst is understand others – Carlos Fuentes
  8. A religious man is a person who holds God and man in one thought at one time, at all times, who suffers harm done to others whose greatest passion is compassion, whose greatest strength is love and defiance of despair. – Abraham Joshua Heschel
  9. We use a lot of source music on some shows and none on others – Stephen Hopkins
  10. Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then be trusted with the government of others Or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question. – Thomas Jefferson
  11. To deaden yourself against any hurt is to deaden yourself also against the hurt of others – Max Lerner
  12. These men ask for just the same thing, fairness, and fairness only. This, so far as in my power, they, and all others shall have. – Abraham Lincoln
  13. Some colors reconcile themselves to one another, others just clash. – Edvard Munch
  14. Libertarians typically argue that particular obligations, at least under normal circumstances, must be created by consent; they cannot be unilaterally imposed by others – Tom G. Palmer
  15. When they are alone they want to be with others and when they are with others they want to be alone. After all, human beings are like that. – Gertrude Stein

Usage examples for others

  1. Where the others will be? – Cecilia de Noël by Lanoe Falconer
  2. Who were the others – Cord and Creese by James de Mille
  3. It was not so with others – Dawn by Eleanor H. Porter
  4. Well, there are others – Jimgrim and Allah's Peace by Talbot Mundy
  5. The others I don't want to meet. – A Duet by A. Conan Doyle
  6. You say what you please of others it is time you were told what you are. – Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends by John Keats
  7. " To me they are just as good as the others said Alice. – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope
  8. But he was not clever in some ways, though he was so clever in others – Fairies and Folk of Ireland by William Henry Frost
  9. As he and others see me. – Ulysses by James Joyce
  10. Why will people do things that make a lot of trouble for others – The Ranch at the Wolverine by B. M. Bower
  11. I won't trouble you with the others – A Red Wallflower by Susan Warner
  12. But there are others who could do the work just as well, are there not? – White Fire by John Oxenham
  13. But I'll tell the others – Five Little Peppers at School by Margaret Sidney
  14. I am afraid there will be none for the others – My War Experiences in Two Continents by Sarah Macnaughtan
  15. You go with the others to- day. – Polly and the Princess by Emma C. Dowd
  16. Never mind the others – Concerning Sally by William John Hopkins
  17. Others just know Him by name, and that is all. – India and the Indians by Edward F. Elwin
  18. I loved you always; but I thought I loved others more. – The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance by Harriet Martineau
  19. At this the others cried out, " Keep off, for goodness' sake, keep off!" – The Golden Goose Book by L. Leslie Brooke
  20. And maybe I like it better than ever, for the others I've seen! – Then I'll Come Back to You by Larry Evans

Rhymes for others

  • druthers, struthers, crothers, mothers, smothers, brothers;

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