Usage examples for opponent

  1. Those, on the other hand, fond of argument would choose a suitable opponent. – Idle Ideas in 1905 by Jerome K. Jerome
  2. Though in later years George Brown became known as the chief opponent of French- Canadian influence, he was well aware of the value of the alliance, and he gave the French- Canadians full credit for their support to measures of reform. – George Brown by John Lewis
  3. Bright was the most malignant opponent the Factory Bill ever had. – Collections and Recollections by George William Erskine Russell
  4. I should be listening no doubt to my opponent;- but I should be proud to feel that I was listening to my son. – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  5. " Very well," rejoined his opponent. – Isaac T. Hopper by L. Maria Child
  6. The Commissioner read it, then said: " Write a note in answer stating that our under- secretary will represent you, and meet at once a representative of your opponent here at the hotel, with the view of arranging a meeting between you at five o'clock to- morrow morning." – The Chronicles of a Gay Gordon by José Maria Gordon
  7. But if he happened to meet a scientific opponent, he fought him with sharp, cutting weapons. – The Progressionists, and Angela. by Conrad von Bolanden
  8. By this time you have probably learned I am an opponent to be feared. – Under the Rose by Frederic Stewart Isham
  9. Then he realized that he had met his opponent, and had borne the meeting well. – Men of Iron by Ernie Howard Pyle
  10. Paul was delighted, too, with the conduct of his opponent. – The Day of Judgment by Joseph Hocking
  11. Mr. Worthington is a political opponent of Jethro Bass, and wishes Miss Wetherell dismissed. – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill
  12. In an instant they had put on every last trace of power, and at their top speed they were racing west, away from their tiny opponent- in the only direction that was open to them. – The Black Star Passes by John W Campbell
  13. One of the members of the Council, your Eminence, and a stanch opponent of the Tribune, as is well known, when he wanted the new tax- Council- trash! – Rienzi by Edward Bulwer Lytton
  14. Once he thought he stood upon a green lawn with a sword in his hand, and the blood upon its point, his opponent lying at his feet. – Saracinesca by F. Marion Crawford
  15. His opponent perceived this- the evil glance of desire and intention under all the flourish of arms. – The Wrong Twin by Harry Leon Wilson