Usage examples for Offered

  1. But I offered to bring him straight to you. – Echoes of the War by J. M. Barrie
  2. Dr. Henry offered him a chair. – Hyacinth 1906 by George A. Birmingham
  3. I can pay for two weeks, almost three weeks now, she offered. – Mary Rose of Mifflin by Frances R. Sterrett
  4. But after a second glance he rose up, went to the girl and offered a chair. – Wych Hazel by Susan and Anna Warner
  5. I then offered to make another bet. – Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi by George H. Devol
  6. Mela offered to bet Christine anything she dared that they were right, and she said, Send it anyway; it was no difference if they were wrong. – A Hazard of New Fortunes by William Dean Howells
  7. I am happy to tell you that something has offered. – A Bachelor's Dream by Mrs. Hungerford
  8. " Wes't 'Beware o' gude warks' ye offered him? – Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush by Ian Maclaren
  9. She offered her bargain. – The Turmoil A Novel by Booth Tarkington
  10. My husband has already had several offered to him; however, you may leave it; give it me. – Lavengro The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest by George Borrow
  11. I offered a redivision. – The Escaping Club by A. J. Evans
  12. Only, Mr. Corey offered himself to me last night. – Entire PG Edition of The Works of William Dean Howells by William Dean Howells
  13. " 'Taint no gal's picture," offered the man at the fire. – The Awakening and Selected Short Stories by Kate Chopin
  14. " I'll pass the word," Rick offered. – The Electronic Mind Reader by John Blaine
  15. She followed, taking the offered arm. – The Hand of Ethelberta by Thomas Hardy
  16. They have offered your father a fortune for just that one claim, but he won't sell. – Tabitha at Ivy Hall by Ruth Alberta Brown
  17. He offered no explanation at first. – Judith of Blue Lake Ranch by Jackson Gregory
  18. She offered no reply. – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  19. Christopher never offered to move. – Christopher Hibbault, Roadmaker by Marguerite Bryant
  20. They must have had us in view all along until the opportunity offered. – The Golden Rock by Ernest Glanville