Definitions of offensive

  1. The state or posture of one who offends or makes attack; aggressive attitude; the act of the attacking party; - opposed to defensive.
  2. Aggressive method or attitude.
  3. The act of the attacking party: the posture of one who attacks.
  4. Act or posture of attacking.
  5. Aggressive operations or attitude; attack.
  6. The part of attacking.
  7. The part of attacking; a state or posture of attack.
  8. of an offensive substitute for inoffensive terminology; "` nigger' is a dysphemistic term for ` African- American'"
  9. causing anger or annoyance; " offensive remarks"
  10. for the purpose of attack rather than defense; " offensive weapons"
  11. violating or tending to violate or offend against; " violative of the principles of liberty"; " considered such depravity offensive against all laws of humanity"
  12. the action of attacking an enemy
  13. Giving offense; causing displeasure or resentment; displeasing; annoying; as, offensive words.
  14. Giving pain or unpleasant sensations; disagreeable; revolting; noxious; as, an offensive smell; offensive sounds.
  15. Making the first attack; assailant; aggressive; hence, used in attacking; - opposed to defensive; as, an offensive war; offensive weapons.
  16. Causing displeasure; as, offensive actions; annoying; disagreeable; disgusting; as, an offensive odor; used in attack; as, offensive weapons.
  17. Causing offence: displeasing: injurious: used in attack: making the first attack.
  18. Displeasing; disgusting; attacking.
  19. Serving or intended to give offense.
  20. Serving as a means of attack.
  21. Causing displeasure; giving pain; disagreeable; assailant; used in attack; making the first attack.
  22. Tending to cause offence, pain, or disgust; rude; insulting; used in attack; assailant; making the first attack.