Usage examples for O'Donnell

  1. Its antique war- tunes, such as those of O'Byrne, O'Donnell Alestrom, and Brian Boru, stream and crash upon the ear like the warriors of a hundred glens meeting; and you are borne with them to battle, and they and you charge and struggle amid cries and battle- axes and stinging arrows. – Thomas Davis, Selections from his Prose and Poetry by Thomas Davis Commentator: T. W. Rolleston
  2. Tyrone, O'Donnell and others, were not proof against his cunning. – Irish Race in the Past and the Present by Aug. J. Thebaud
  3. In county Cork, John Clairech O'Donnell in remembrance of the ancient assemblies of the bards of all Ireland, gathered to his house poets and learned men to recite and contend as in the old days. – Irish Nationality by Alice Stopford Green
  4. I've seen the gang with Tom O'Donnell standing watch by the halyards for days with axes when he was making a passage. – The Seiners by James B. (James Brendan) Connolly
  5. " Ah, that would be O'Donnell said the guard, convinced at last. – The Charm of Ireland by Burton Egbert Stevenson
  6. But that don't jar Tom O'Donnell – The Seiners by James B. (James Brendan) Connolly
  7. The first departure of a few under Hugh O'Neill and Hugh O'Donnell had already spread the name of Ireland through Spain, Italy, and Belgium. – Irish Race in the Past and the Present by Aug. J. Thebaud
  8. " That's what I want you for," O'Donnell said. – The Leech by Phillips Barbee
  9. It is enough to say that O'Donnell from his youth was designedly exasperated by ill- treatment and imprisonment; and that as soon as O'Neill, who had been treated with the greatest apparent kindness by the queen, that he might become a queen's man, showed that he was still an Irishman and a lover of his country, he was marked out as a victim, and all the troops and treasures of England were poured out lavishly to crush him and destroy the royal races of the north. – Irish Race in the Past and the Present by Aug. J. Thebaud
  10. O'Donnell then hove- to and took his seine- boat on deck. – The Seiners by James B. (James Brendan) Connolly
  11. O'Donnell didn't bother to understand. – The Leech by Phillips Barbee
  12. Here he remained until he had composed three poems in praise of O'Donnell imploring peace and forgiveness. – An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 by Mary Frances Cusack
  13. One of them was the coward, Frank Hugh O'Donnell – Reminiscences of Charles Bradlaugh by George W. Foote
  14. In the discussion, however, one man, Bishop O'Donnell had been " head and shoulders above everyone else." – John Redmond's Last Years by Stephen Gwynn
  15. By J. F. O'Donnell – The House by the Church-Yard by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
  16. Miles O'Donnell or, a Story of a Life. – The House by the Church-Yard by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
  17. Oh, we'll race her as well as we know how if we're around, but Tom O'Donnell and Wesley Marrs and Tommie Ohlsen and Sam Hollis and the rest- they'll have something to say about it, I'm afraid. – The Seiners by James B. (James Brendan) Connolly
  18. It had been the intention of Mr. O'Donnell the senior counsel employed to defend Carroll, to insist, with the greatest severity, on the lies told by the poor boy. – The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope
  19. It was in one of these little houses with white clapboarded walls, ashen gray in the paling moonlight, that Maggie O'Donnell lay fast asleep, when the bell in a far- off steeple tolled three in the morning of the day that was to be the Fourth of July. – Vignettes of Manhattan; Outlines in Local Color by Brander Matthews
  20. Captain O'Donnell has been so good as to treat me with a play. – The Adventures of Roderick Random by Tobias Smollett